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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Travis Bille, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. In January, I set a goal for myself. I would catch a fish each calendar month of 2013. So far I had caught my January-September fish. however, having just bought a house and switched to working 10 hour days, I found myself fishless at the tail end of October.

    My friend convinced me to put my driftboat into the ocean in a small protected bay in Trinidad, CA. I was extremely nervous about this, but he convinced me that it would be okay. I really wasn't rigged up to fish the salt, but I dug out a barely used sinktip line for my 5WT and called it good.

    We rowed out and I was starting to feel a little better about having the driftboat out on the ocean, which earlier I had regarded as a suicide mission. We did some laps around some big rocks with nothing much to show for it.

    We rowed out to a rock called "Little Camel Rock" and almost immediately I had a fish on. HOLY SHIT! My rod doubled over and some serious line starting running out. I got control of the fish and got it to the boat.


    It was my first fish from the ocean on a fly, and my October fish of the month!

    My friend picked up 3 rockfish and I landed another one to close out the day. He also hooked into what must have been a big ling cod that broke him off.

    In summary, holy shit! That was fun!
  2. I imagine the rockfish would put a serious bend in a 5wt. I use a 10wt off the jetty (since I get the occasional ling) and the big rockfish will put a decent in that.

    If the fish are biting it can be a real blast with some non-stop action.

  3. I'm thinking I'm going to need to make fishing for them a habit and invest in some actual saltwater gear!
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  4. Oh, and they're very tasty also.
  5. It's quickly become one of my favorite fisheries.

  6. What kind of setup do you use for line? Full sink, running line and sinktip, or what? And what about flies? They didn't seem too picky for use, they liked orange hareballs and clousers.
  7. I use scientific anglers 30ft shooting tapers with an intermediate airflo ridge running line.

    For flies, I use clousers, sculpin type things or pretty much anything that looks like a baitfish. I've even used dick nites with great success.
  8. Thanks for all the info. This is something I can seriously see myself getting into

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