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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by skingfisher, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Hello, as a newcomer to the double hand rod, i received sound advise on casting and line for a 5 wt switch rod. (overhead) from the forum. now to enter the spey world, i have purchased a rio scandi short versi 5, on setting up the line i realised the tips have no loop for attatching to the leader. i have searched for an answer but results can be conflicting. a nail knotted piece of monno with a perfection loop seems to be the way. but i am unsure of b/strain or finished length. if anyone can answer this question or offer alternatives i will be pleased to receive them, regards steve.
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    I believe this is a very good knot for tips and use it instead of nail knots as it will not pull off the tip. A close perfection loop in the mono you use for the albright and good for a long time without replacing. 25 pound Maxima works good here.

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    You could also check out this article: and many others on the internet.

    I have used Blanton's method for a couple decades without any failures. I like to make my own using 50# braid, slide braid over the line or tip about 3", nail knot(10# mono) and trim, then pull the braid back through itself and about an inch into the flyline or tip area,(three layers at this point) keeping the loop and overhang very short, another nail knot on the braid in front or near the juntion of the braid and line, two coats of pliobond on the knots and you are ready to go, some like to color the braid with a marker so it does not look like a white worm. When setting up new shooting heads, Spey or SH, I will lightly apply Aquaseal to the 50# braid and loop with dubbing needle to minimize hinging, it also now has similar flex to the fly line and seals a floating line at the end.

    If in a hurry the good old nail knot has served many a fly fisherman for decades, I also use a little Pliobond on this method....... you can always cut it off later and use the braided loop method.
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    I´ve just peeled of the coating on my tips and made an perfection loop on the core, works really well.
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    i have been wondering that question as well...... what length leaders are you guys using also. I have the same line but in 8 weight

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