First Steelhead on the Fly

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Brian Bennett, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. You might really think about quitting at this point--it can only go downhill.;)
  2. Congrats on the first fish. It only gets worse after that. I think that "out of water" rule is stupid anyways. These fish are alot tougher then people give them credit for.

    Yes, the majority of the trash is left by gear fisherman, and usually local ones at that. But for the amount of gear fisherman out there (compared to fly guys) it's a very small amount doing it. Just that small amount ruins it for everyone else. I always pack a trash bag with me when I'm fishing. Normally clean out quite a bit.
  3. Well Chad I was half right. ButI feel that even if it is a hatchery fish and you are going to release it,you still shouldn't take it out of the water. Rough handling is another way of harming the fish.

    But what the hey,who is going to listen to an old grumpy old man. :p

  4. No Way!

    I was in Gunbarrel for 7 years, shopped the other guys in town. I do miss the Reef, started fishing there in 98.
  5. Old man Jim, How about a warm glass of shut the hell up!? Freakin whistle blower Jim is at it again!

    }( }( }(

    MAC: the non whistle blower, non stone thrower.
  6. Congrats - thats a fine specimen for a first fish. Now all the fishless days and time spent wondering what it was that drove you to stand in a river and wave a stick have hopefully been answered and, more importantly, worth the wait.

    Its sure is fun, and its only gonna get worse.

    The Beginner's hole on the Kalama is a usual dumpster. You can go up just a tad farther, and pull into the hatchery hole. At first light the beginners is clogged with hardware slingers. Slip up just a little ways and you can usually get that run for a bit. The far side of the big rock is a sweet spot, as well as in front of it.

    Congrats on the Steelhead - nice fish!

  7. Good work on your first steelie! It really is amazing how hard it is to hook and land a steelie from the bank on a fly rod(under typical NW circumstances). I consider the times i have made it happen the most memorable in my fishing career. Man, the feeling you get is something else!
    I have fished hard in WA, OR, and AK over the past 10 years and my experience tells me that 99% of the litter i have seen on the banks is from locals.
    Some sort of "aint nobody gonna tell me how to treat my backyard" sort of mentality. Pathetic.
    BTW, trout fishing in the mat-su valley, ak is simply out of this world right now. So many huge, native bows. Hope everyone is having a good summer. akflyrod
  8. Mac

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p ;(

    The unknown poster:p
  9. 1/2 right?? Nice try. Legally speaking, since you referred to the new regs and all, the pic is 100% fine, so you are 100% wrong, not 50%.

    :professor :p :p :+

    Now from a fly fishing 'ethical' perspective, you may be 1/2 right, but I bet most fly fisherman don't have a problem with a quick and tastefull photo of a hatchery steelhead - especially a person's first fish.

    Now admit it Jim, you are just jealous that you didn't catch it! LOL :p

    (I gotta be careful, old man knows where I live :eek )
  10. Nice fish there Mr. Bennett!

    Let's go find some more...


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