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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Rev Trout, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Nice cutt! In the second picture you can barely see the red slits under the jaw but who cares if its not a steelhead! thats a killer cutty!
  2. Thanks guys, your making feel better.
  3. Sticking with the afore mentioned AMEN Rev. Besides, what would you rather catch, a very large cutthroat or a puny steelhead?
  4. Beautiful cutty Rev, very nice indeed.
  5. Bigger Cutts will fight just as hard as a wild Steelhead. I used to catch them that big out of Pilchuck creek. But that don't happen any more.

    Nice looking fish no matter what it is called. Fish that look like that really blend into the colors of Fall.

  6. Sweeeeet!!!!!!
  7. Awesome fish!!! I had no clue the Wenatchee had such beastly cutts... Good work.
  8. I may, or may not have had the same thing happen on a different E wa river a few weeks back. Swore it was a steelhead..
  9. I call those fish........


    They actually do have steelhead genes in them as do a lot of the steelhead have cutt genes. These fish sure get frisky.
  10. That's an awesome fish, Rev- particularly so for a Cutt. But it's an easy enough mistake without having seen the throat slashes. Here's a eastside steel caught a couple weeks ago that looks amazingly like your fish, save for the pink lateral stripe.

    Well done!
  11. Thanks guys, it was a fun fish to catch. Nice Cut jcalderon -- I just don't see that many big Cuts around.

    Great looking fish Itchy Dog, I see that pink lateral stripe. In the moment I forgot that a Steelhead is a Rainbow who knows his way to sea.

    I'll have to keep trying, thanks for the encouragement -- you guys are great.
  12. It looks like a rainbow to me. No obvious slash. I believe it to be a rainbow or cutbow. But, it looks more like a standard rainbow than a steelhead. But one thing for sure its a beautiful native fish. I think maybe its a cutbow. Every cutt I've caught has a much more pronounce slash.
  13. Bingo. It's got those sweet Westslope genes for being thick, football shaped.

    "Cuthead" is probably about right: cutthroat crossed with a steelhead. Whatever, a strong healthy fish for sure, and a worthy catch for any fly fisherman.
  14. Stupid question: would a "Cut-Head" be an ocean going fish?? I noticed in both of our cut pictures these fish have the same rosie cheeks and lateral pink stripe. Is it possible they are both crossed with steelhead??? I have no clue.
  15. I am thinking a big cut. Doesn't look like a native steelhead to me. I have pulled this cut out of the Snake, seems slightly similar markings.

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