FIRST STEELIE, and a Team Rugged adventure

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by pwoens, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. Team members: Sparse, Daddy-O, myself, and a drift fisherman we met on a hole down at the water. This kid gets my vote cause without him I probably would still be a steeli virgin :thumb....thanks Chris. The first day I caught two within hours of hooking up with Chris and Sparse even got one within a few feet, but it didnt count cause he didn't release it with his hands (LDR) :p (it was probably snagged anyhow LOL). The hog I caught was a native that we estimated at only 8 pounds but boy did he put up a fight on my was a blast. I lost 3 others within the two days. I go 2 years, 4 runs, thousands of casts, hundreds of hours, and never get as much as a nibble....two days with Chris and I land two and loose 3...AWESOME. All it cost me was some good old time camping in below 20 weather and some frozen guides on the rod....PRICELESS

    BTW: those close to sparse should email him and ask him about the fish he released and how it was caught :rofl ...this is worth big bucks and should be investigated!!!!

    ~Patrick ><>
  2. Nice fish patrick. I wouldn't wash my hands ever again, if I were you. Congrats.


    "Everyday that you wake up and decide not to go one less day you'll go fishing." Forrest Maxwell
  3. Looks like you'll be getting that patch after all...

    Pat, you're having too much fun, knock it off!


    Truth above all
  4. you rock! excellent! jer:beer2
  5. Pat,

    You are off the hook bro! Killing me! I love it! Nice fishy. More pics?

  6. Hell of a fish Pat!! Way to go.

    I wish I could say that I had the same luck.

  7. Patrick, I noticed a lack of reporting on Daddy-O's success. Did he get skunked??? If I have the tally right, so far this year you're kicking his butt!


    Truth above all
  8. Nope..he didnt get skunked..he snagged a sucker...heres a pic for the enjoyment and verbal bashing of some ;-). Heres some more pics of this weekend also. The other steeli is actually the first steeli I caught and was honestly a dissapointment cause it hardly faught at all and then, as the picture shows, was a small hatchery fish....dont get me wrong cause I was extremely excited to finally catch one but I was thinking "this is it"??? I was certainly impressed with the second steeli though, she kicked my butt!!!

    note the sleeping in of Sparse, one of your fearless Team Rugged leaders. We had two fish to hand before he even got out of bed :* ...cant ya feel the love brotha :+ :+ :+

    ~Patrick ><>
  9. Roper,

    Pat deffinately outfished me on saturday, but.... I caught and released the only fish on sunday. never you mind that is was a sucker. I snagged it fair and square.
  10. Daddy-O, you are THE MAN...who's your cute 4 legged friend?? ;) ;) ;)

    Sparse! You should be ashamed! Bad Fly Fisher, no fishy for you!!! And how about that new technique Patrick alluded to earlier in his post???

    I still say you guys are having too much fun, I'm jealous, I had the weekend duty.
  11. Note Daddy-O once again forgot his wading boots and had to cram his feet into his tennis shoes...cracks me up every time he forgets his boots....he usually blames it on someone else, however this time there was no one else but he still cussed out one of the boys.. :+ :+ :+

    furry friend was compliments of our new pal Chris...The most obedient, disciplined, and trained bird dog I have ever seen, and only a mere 4 months old. This dog was amazing.

    ~Patrick ><>

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