First Stillwater trip of the year

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Brandon4455, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Recently a friend invited me on a day trip out to a stillwater i have never been to and i could not turn such an offer down. The ride over was full of fish tales,laughs and much more as usual..hell just talking on the ride there and back is quite fun if you ask me! When We arrived i got out and observed some risers that were so distracting it was hard for me to throw my waders on and pack the tube! should have brought dry flies. after we launched and fished a short amount of time it appeared as though a certain variable had affected the fishing but we pushed on with confidence and fished hard; we had a few fish to hand but not a lot of action,then a few hours in the bite turned on quite nicely.

    We both had decent success hooking fish for a while;including rainbows,whitefish,and i even got my first bull! but then i went on a no hookup streak the rest of the day for some reason while randy just kept getting hookups! i have no idea why but i just had terrible luck, it was actually kind of funny. We ended up with a very good number of healthy,beautiful, and hard fighting fish under our belts by the end of the day; 29 of them to be exact.




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    Those fish are beautiful and the water is really cool looking, looks like an awesome trip!
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    Nice pics. Don't have too many bulls in stillwater over here.
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    very nice photos! were they taken with a gopro??
  6. Irafly Active Member

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    I was wondering if this was another one of those Oregon reports.

    Hey nice pics by the way and it is always cool to catch multiple species in a trip.
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    I agree, what a day and thanks for sharing the photos and report!
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    thanks everyone! it was a really fun trip,i hope to go back sometime soon. the pictures were taken with my fujifilm s3000