First time fishing the salt

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Ramblin Rick, Sep 9, 2013.

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    I fished a beach on Whidby Island and it was my first ever attempt at fishing beaches and in salt. All the fish I saw jumping and or caught were well out of my casting range. The folks in boats where by in large having a wonderful day. It was beautiful place to fish and I look forward to trying again next week.
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    Excellent. They're there!

    You will find lots and lots of info and opinions if you scour through the old posts in the Saltwater section.

    Good luck!
  3. miyawaki Active Member

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    They were travelling pinks.

  4. bramwessel New Member

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    There are lots of us (me, for example) who are still very new to this, and it can be frustrating when the fish are out of range of the beach. But you're right, one is still out in a glorious environment relaxing and enjoying it - you're starting off with a healthy attitude. There's so much to see and learn every trip. Keep at it, it'll start to come together eventually.
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    I thought this initially, while fishing a Whidbey beach on Saturday, but then I hooked a big coho at my feet while reeling my fly in to move spots. Hooked and landed another Ho on a crappy cast ~30 ft out when all the jumpers appeared to be >80 ft out. I was very pleasantly surprised! Hooked another coho on herring under a bobber a mere 10 ft from shore. They come in very close to shore when there are strong rips.
  6. miyawaki Active Member

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    Coho come in close to feed. Pinks are in the seams travelling. They all jump. Trick is to discern feeding from happy jumping

  7. ten80 Active Member

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    Sure, I agree. My point was that there are sometimes willing fish well within casting range even when the jumpers are all out of casting range. Both coho and pinks were jumping off of west Whidbey last weekend.
  8. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    Lots of coho jumping off the MA 10 beach I fished last Saturday, some no more then a 20 ft cast away.
  9. Cuttbow82 Active Member

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    We saw a few coho finning on the surface (west side of south Whidbey) about 150 feet out on Saturday. I cast a pink comet at one and ended up with a nice coho for the BBQ. My dad picked a nice one up on a buzz bomb.

    btw, My dad and I found we can happinly co-exist on his boat with me flyfishing and him throwing gear. He was skeptical. When he saw me show up with my fly rod, he said "good luck with that". By the end of the day he was muttering about having me teach him how to cast.
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