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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by NewToSport, Jun 8, 2001.

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    I've decided to take up Fly Fishing. I don’t know why except that my grandfather was a big fly fisher and when he recently passed on some of his fly gear was handed down to me. Any way.... I have a few fly fishing buddies and they have taught me the basics of casting and now I wanna get a few flys wet. I live in the Kent / Renton area and I am wondering if anyone can suggest a good beginners stream or river close by. Also I think a Washington river and lake map would be useful since I travel frequently to Eastern Washington.

    On last thing....Can anyone suggest a reasonable store to purchase equipment from? I know it’s important to catch the great fish but I also need catch a few great deals.

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    John, Hi. There are several really good fly shops around the Puget area including Shoff's in your area, Patricks, Avid Angler, Evening Hatch, Creekside, Kauffmans and Swedes. These are as good as it gets in terms of quality gear. Sometimes you might pay a bit more than at the outlet or retailers but the service, knowledge, and selection can't be beat at a real flyfishing store. Who knows, you might even get into tying your own flies. I'm like you with the fishing budget. I haven't been able to afford the top quality rods. But this will come, and in the mean time I buy the rest of my outfit from the fly shops. As for the other part of your posting on where to fish in your area, I've always wanted to fish the Skookumchuck. My brother and his buddy have had a good time there. Near Packwood, Skate Creek and Butter Creek in July have both been productive and fun. Another stream I want to try is the Clearwater River. It runs out of the wilderness area and it's entire length is in private timber land. I'm checking on access permits soon. Probably a mountain bike kind of day trip. Huckleberry creek used to be a great little stream. Wish for Fish-Frank
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    Both the Green and White River in Auburn are good rivers to learn on. The trout tend to be small, but very eager. Both rivers have fall and winter runs of steelhead and salmon, the Green also has a summer run of steelhead. Both rivers are usually wadeable from mid-June through Oct. For Eastern Washington try the Soap Lake area all along highway 17. Rocky Ford Creek, Dry Falls, Lake Lenore are all famous for their huge trout.
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    You might want to check out my website. I have a mail order site that sells quality flies at about 60% less than flyshops. I sell wholesale to everybody....I supply local guides and flyshops....and you if you want.

    Jim Hill
    (800) 337-4483
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