First Time Tying Flies For My July Alaskan Float Trip

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by rattlesnakeflyguy, May 24, 2008.

  1. rattlesnakeflyguy Harrison

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    Hey guys! I just started tying simple streamer patterns today and came up with these. This is my first time ever tying a fly myself. I haven't come up with specific names yet, but I'm eager to put them to good use when I go up in July and fish some rivers in Alaska with a guide service. It should be really fun. Just thought I'd share some with you. Any suggestions/comments on what I should focus on tying if I'm planning my trip in July? I was told lots of flesh flies, egg sucking leeches, and mice patterns for the large rainbows :thumb: rattlesnakeflyguy
  2. SmokinAces Keepin' It Reel

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    Looks like you got a good start there RSFG. If going in July I would probably have some egg patterns too and some sculpins. Love what you're doing though. It's never too early to start tying for your next trip!
  3. bigguy New Member

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    Good start. Add some more egg sucking leaches in black and purple and a handful of fushia bunnies (ingredients: hook, lead, and rabbit strip) and you are good to go. Eggs and a handful of mice wouldn't hurt. Float trip or lodge?
  4. riseform Active Member

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    Tie them all since it will add to the excitement and anticipation of the trip. If your experience is like mine, your dominant fish catching fly will end up being the egg sucking leech. When I'd spot a rainbow, I'd toss all types of offerings to see what else might work. Then, when I really wanted to catch it, I'd resort to an egg sucking leech. It's the San Juan worm of Alaska.
  5. steve s Member

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    I would tie some marabou flies as well. Where are you headed? I'll be up there in the middle/end of July too. I can't wait. I haven't started tying for that trip yet, I've got a trout trip in June that I'm tying for right now.
  6. rattlesnakeflyguy Harrison

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    I'm headed to the Aniak in late July. Hopefully some silver will begin showing up by then, but I'm sure the dollies will be in thick. Regardless, I'll keep ya posted on how the trip goes! I will tie up some more egg sucking leeches in black and purple.

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    Aniak in July

    I fished Aniak lodge in August several years ago. The plan was to target silvers. Turned out August was too early for the silvers. Aniak is 150 miles from the sea. We caught chums, shee fish, notherns, around the lodge. Rainbows, dollies & grayling on flesh flies & eggs further up.