FIrst Tube Fly

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Big E, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. These are not your average Schweddy Balls. Do you like how round they are? Do you like how they aren't hairy like some other balls? Will you lick like my balls?


    Please, no fondling :p
  2. Honestly, there's just no beating my balls...

  3. hahahaha, nice. . . .nice
  4. oh thats just awesome.
  5. Now that's a good looking ball.
  6. Awesome!
  7. certainly have a nice round ball there BigE, A lot of people give glow bugs a bad rap, as far as not being a real fly, but trying to shape glow bugs isn't all that easy, especially very small one's, but you have done it very well. They are one of times I break out the curved scissors.

    Are you going to give it a matching one? As you know....They do usually come in pairs.:)
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  8. Hi Mark,
    A single ball is called the "Lance Armstrong". Just remember, if you add "juice" to your Lance Armstrong, it would be illegal in flyfishing only waters.

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  9. Best looking tube fly I've seen so far.
  10. Nice looking ball, maybe if you stop playing with it the color will even out.
  11. Funny cartoon, Gene. Unfortunately, the audience that will understand the joke is fast dwindling....

  12. I know... that's why I indicated a date! :) Hell, I still remember the tube tester fixtures in the grocery stores that stocked all the most popular tubes.

    It's a cartoon the Baby Boomers will understand.
  13. All to well Gene......unless you're a guitar player, they won't use anything but a tube amp, even the young guys.

    I wonder what BigE has in mind for his awesomely round tube ball?
  14. You guys are "nuts"... :D
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  15. Where do they get the tubes tested? They don't have the tube testers these days at Safeway.
  16. Good question Gene, it's been so long since I had to worry about it I'm not sure. There must be somewhere, I'd bet the local music store would know.
  17. I remember the TV repairman coming to the house with about 3 crates of tubes and that was to watch Ted Mack, Lawrence Welk, and bonanza on a Sunday evening and if I remember right boxing pre empted all these shows, it was more fun watching my dad watching boxing than the match itself

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