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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by gitto_wales, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. hey people,
    i would like to know if ther is 5 people willing to do a fly swap with me,im from Wales in the uk and really intersted in looking at the types of flies u guys use over ther in america.this fly swop is a little different.if everyone that is interested would tye 10 flies one river fly and also one lake fly and also if ther is anyone not from america wanting to do this please join in it will be a great oppertunity to see patterns from different parts of the world an see how much they very... if they do atall :confused: the dead line for all entries will be the 30th of May.depending on how soon we find our 5.please post back if you are interested. gitto!
  2. Sounds like fun gitto. But this is your first post on the board. Is there a member on the board who can speak for your credibilty?? (not being rude, just looking out for the board members)
  3. Well, if the timeline is reasonable, then let me jump in. Do you have specifics on when you want the flies done by, and are there any specific theme's other than river and lake?

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  4. Well, I'm interested....

    You have Stones, Mayflies, Caddis in your waters gitto?
  5. yes this is my first thread on here i understand you being catiouse but we used to have a fly swop on our old forum but it has been taken off the web a wile back, it is up to you if you want to join in.....

    >>> well we will have a dead line as soon as we have say 5 or 6 interested and we take it from ther!

    >>>ther isnt anything spercific you have to tye just your best river fly and lake fly/ or shall we say best trout fly.

    >>> we have pleanty of stoneflies,mayflies an caddis's.

    i will be tying a Haul-a-Gwynt or maybe a nice blob some of the american youth team was amazed by them in the world youth fly fishing championships last july. also a nice bug we use here on our rivers that is the simplest fly ever but not many people will think of it an it has got to be the right colour as the one im doing. hahaha (you will be amazed if it works as well for you as it does for us here).

    >>>>>so we have 2 in allready???

    cheers gitto :thumb:
  6. don and james,
    i have 3 other guys that want to do this, 2 are from my area and one is italian... massimo valsesia, he won silver in sweeden in the world fly fishing championships last year 9top quality flies off him then.LOL) so what i need now is another 4,BUT i have you two guys and need another 2 then

    >>>> anyone interested please let me no asap so we can set a date.

    cheers gitto :thumb:
  7. Ok - Looks like a Go......

    5 river and 5 lake?
  8. ye 5 of each! how does the end of aprill sound as a deadline can u manage that? i have mine done and 2 others from the i will see massimo in a few days so will get them then and we are just waiting for you and james. my address is;

    44 Commercial street,
    Ystrad Mynach,
    CF82 7DX.

    cheers gitto :thumb:
  9. Gitto,

    Hey gitto!

    End of April is pushing it for me.... :hmmm:

    I'm thinking at May 5th before I can put them in the post. If that will work for you guys that's what I'll plan on.

    Let me know.

  10. well we are all done its up to you call it the 10th of may to make sure.

    .... deadline 10th of may!!!

    cheers Gitto :thumb:
  11. Flies are in the mail. 5.5.6
  12. ok no prob will let you no when i get them. i have all the others except james's and u say yours are in the post

    thanks gitto
  13. running a bit late on those. will get started tonite and in the mail either tommorow or the day after... sorry about not getting them out sooner! :(
  14. so the all american fly entries from me include:

    River fly: lightening bug

    Lake fly: the mighty Tunkwanamid, a BC pattern I've never used, but have always wanted an excuse to tie ;)
  15. So I've got 1/2 of them done last night and will get the remaining done tonite and sent out tommorow. Sorry for the delay and I hope that you guys can forgive me for my lack of time management! :(

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  16. In the post 2 additional stillwater flies for the swapmeister. Hopefully they'll arrive quickly! :)

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  17. hey don got urs in the post the other friday, very nice tyes but nothing like im used to using but this is what the swap is all about. can you just clarify the names! you did send name tags but ther was one name on all of them!!!
    james no problem about the timing! i have been up to my eye balls still waiting one set on my side but have all the others i think we will all have a little shock when you see some of the welsh and english patterns. don i will post your flies later next week as i havent started my scuds yet i keep putting it off a little bit. will get them sorted soon

    once again cheers don adn i look forward to see your flies james
  18. The woven nymph pattern is a River Witch.

    The Other is a Morrisfoam Green Dragon Nymph. Fish it on a sinking line as it floats, it is for stillwater.

    I am looking forward to seeing patterns from the other side of the pond.
  19. Gitto,

    What's the status of this one?
  20. Just as a heads up I screwed up sending the package the first time, it came back and this time I got it out right.... Sorry bout that! :(

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