Fish Cat 13 2-Person Pontoon Boat

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by jpugs, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. jpugs

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    Hey folks,

    I am considering purchasing a Fish Cat 13 2-person pontoon boat and I have a few questions for anyone who has experience with this or similar boats. I'm choosing a pontoon boat primarily because it would be easier to store in my garage and I don't have $ for a true drift boat.

    1. I am hoping to transport this in/on my 1997 Toyota 4Runner. I'm guessing that I could transport it without a trailer if I take the seats off, leave the frame assembled and put it on the roof, and deflate the pontoons and put them inside the car. Thoughts? Do you think it could go short distances at lower speeds fully assembled on top of the car?

    2. Any thoughts about durability and maneuverability of this or other 2 person pontoon boats for Washington rivers? Primarily I'll be heading to the Yakima, but occasionally will go to other rivers and lakes.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Tony Mull

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    if you can get the thing up on top and strap it down good, you can go at hwy speeds for long distanances. i often hit 75-80 with my 9' on top of my tacoma on long drives. never had a problem at all, but it can't be good for mileage. you may need to modify the rack and make sure it's rated for that weight, and have someone help boost it up there. 170 lbs is a bit much. otherwise get the $200 little red trailers they sell everywhere and modify it a little so you can trailer it (my suggestion). if you gotta pump the thing up and assemble it you are giving up most the advanage of a pontoon. take a good look at the waterskeeter two seater river guide. when i was considering a two seater that's the one i narrowed it down to. cabelas used to carry it.
  3. Freestone

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  4. Tony Mull

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    the reason i use a pontoon is to be able to load and unload easily and quickly, and carry it to launches i could not use with a boat. on the water i like the options of kicking, rowing or motoring, especially being able to kick along very slowly and still have the rod in my hands rather than in a holder. i just find a pontoon to be a more precise and adaptable tool than a boat. since i have a truck what is an advantage to you is just a non issue to me, but if i had to break the thing down every trip i'd put a hitch on my car and use a little trailer. it's all good as long as we're fishing!
  5. I use 2 Skykomish Sunrise when the wife can go (I work less:thumb:)
    Carry one fully dressed on top of my '04 GMC Sierra Z71 with a canopy and a Yakima rack. Have carried it 300 miles. Just need to check your cam straps and tie downs; if you're going over the pass or changing elevation, you MUST check it every 2-3K feet in difference or so. Your tie-downs will loosen or tighten and your bladders will burst if not careful. I go from 292' elevation to 7-9 thousand feet and stop every 3K or so to check and release air or fill as needed. My Sky is 10'6" long x 5' wide @ 75-80 lbs & I can put it on the rack, but it's nicer with 2. You can easily deflate the bladders enough to store wherever and put the frame where you can. The great advantage to a 'toon is that you don't need 2 people or a boat launch if you have the desire. The will is up to you. I never regret mine.
    Thight lines!

  6. jpugs

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    Thanks for all the great replies. I am thinking that it would probably be best (mostly safer!) to transport it in on trailer and will look into those. That's great advice to check to the pontoon bladders for changing pressures and degrees of inflation when going over the pass.
  7. Jim Speaker

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    The suggestion re checking pontoons with elevation is right on.

    Remember to check when temps are changing too.

    If I start out in the morning I have to release some air as the temp increases - and if I'm leaving for the evening, often have to add air to keep things tight so the pontoons aren't floppin'. A pump that plugs into cig lighter makes it easy, I can just reach up there and add air while it's strapped to the top of my explorer.

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