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  1. Would one help me find halibut in a mountain lake?
  2. If you bluetooth pair a delorme inreach SE GPS with a smartphone you've got total coverage without cell coverage, and a text based emergency rescue system. Hell, you can text anywhere, anytime via satellite, to your old lady that you're gonna be late fishin. Just don't be sittin in a titty bar, because she can see where yer at on her ipad. Won't find fish worth shit though.

    I'd like a fish finder transducer that will fit down through a SOT kayak scupper hole (about 1"). It would help me master vertical flyfishing (bobber fishing without bait, but with spendy alcohol to keep the boredom at bay).
  3. Someone mention, "fishfinder"? :) This is what I run on my tube. It's a Garmin 300c (color). I started with a Garmin 150 (B&W) but upgraded to the full function 300c after a year with the 150.

    I designed the bracket and the transducer arm folds parallel with the tube for easy transport, or backpacking on the trail. I never remove the unit from the tube so it remains easy to use.

    I power it with a LiPo RC Helicopter battery. Battery last for 22-hours (300c) fishing before charging is required. The battery lasted for a week with the 150! Battery is very light, compact, and can be carried or fixed anyway that works for ya as it doesn't need to be held upright like a lead-acid battery.

    I've only been using a FF for 2-years and now wonder why I didn't start using one on my tube decades ago! I consider this the most useful gear upgrade I have ever added to my Stillwater fishing tools by a large margin! Along with a Garmin handheld GPS I have been able to find and mark KEY bottom structure that has proven to be a huge difference in consistent catching! It's also neat to see fish swim beneath the tube at times and helps me learn at what depth the fish are cruising (or hanging) on any given day.

    If you do lot's of Stillwater angling and aren't taking advantage of what a good sounder can do for ya..., get a finder!



  4. That is a great SFC setup. Nice work with the 'ducer PVC too.

    I think I'm going to pass on moving the Elite 7 back and forth and get a Lowrance Elite 4x for the pontoons. $100 after rebates right now, 120°cone, color. I can use it on the boat at the bow if I need to as well. I too have an old handlheld GPS, hate it, but for waypoints it's fine--with reading glasses ;-)
  5. Ive, very clever and perfectly suited for a float tube. I bought a 140C a few years ago, it was used twice and got a Craigslist steal of a deal on it. The only reason I got the color model. It's the second FB I have owned and it is much better than the first generation ones. I have no use forit other than on my Renegade so I completely dissasembled it. I kept 12" of the lower tube and very carefully hacked the entire thing apart: lot's of work to remove the potting material where it transitions into the top of the tube. I'll post pictures on how I rigged it on the Renegade, about $2.00 worth of plastic pipe, and a couple fittings.
  6. Please do, Sportsman, as that's my rig too. I ordered the Elite 4x last night, $154 - $50 rebate so pretty good deal for a color sonar with a 120°cone.

    I've used my Humminbird RF35 wrist mounted finder for a decade. I've enjoyed the ease of use and the accuracy, and I've strongly recommended it here. I've gone through three transducers, which is expected, but lately it's become very temperamental. It doesn't read well in cold water and with any kind of good chop. Time for an upgrade and one where I don't have to wear cheaters to read it. About the same price too.
  7. LCnSac, I'll post some pics on Sat. FYI:I don't have the specific sizes on the top of my head but this will give you a decent idea: I took about 8" of schedule 40 { 1" ??] and put that into foam pipe wrap{size??}. Then screwed a 90 degree adaptor into that pipe. Then I pushed it into the open area of the seat supports...{whatever you call them} on the right side of the seat.I shoved the tube and pipe wrap into that "void" unti l it was snug. Pushed the wire into that adaptor and then the 12" of tube that has the transducer on it. I used gorrila tape and wraped the top of the tube, basically is the 'stop' when I want to lower the transducer. Then I wrapped heavy twine onto the tube to raise it and it orients the side finder. Tied a plastic single snap on the other end of the twine so when it's raised it snaps onto the gear bag. Hope some of this makes sence to you without pictures. It was just a quick job, but it doesn't wobble a bit. If i want to use the sidefinder I just twist the tube left or right. The only downside is not being able to use the side finder looking straight ahead, unless I put my feet onto the bar. My goal was to not have the transducer on the outside of the raft and not having to remove it to load into my truck or the cradle in my garage that raises the raft up to the ceiling.
  8. I missed the "FB" part. My install will be different with the Elite. I sold my Bottom Line model this summer. I gave up on it. I understand the Humminbird units are much better. The Elite was so cheap I couldn't resist. I'd have done the new FB just as easily except the Elite is better for a portable for the bow of the boat with a trolling motor 'ducer rig for where I fish. One less thing to pull up when moving. No sidefinder though which would be a plus. Not sure how good they are--the Bottom Line sidewinder gave false readings.
  9. " Not sure how good they are--the Bottom Line sidewinder gave false readings." Organic material on lake bottoms create lots of air bubbles while decomposing and the FB marks them as fish. Maybe the higher end units would identify an air bubble differently, but I'm not sure on that. Anyway, they are a fun toy1
  10. Do not use the, "fish Icons" on your sounder. Learn to use only the, 'Raw Data" returns and you will be able to sort out the clutter from real fish returns. This subject could fill pages in explanation, but trust me, those fish icons were created to help satisfy the masses, nothing more! A happy customer is one who sees little fish icons going across his/her display, even if the reality is there is zero fish actually being marked. :)

  11. I understand there are some new options. Of course, if you like your existing sonar with raw data you can keep it, but if you want better coverage for a lower price, you can get one (there are several) that will show you exactly where the fish are, the species, size, gender, and fly preference. I'd post a link, but the website seems to be down right now :oops:

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