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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by chromeseeker, May 28, 2009.

  1. chromeseeker

    chromeseeker Where's the Bucket?

    Does anyone have any info. on those black mesh gloves I see occasionally in pics for landing fish? Seems like a good way to get a grip on the fish and reduce thrashing/injury before release. Any experience with said glove?

  2. Big Tuna

    Big Tuna Member

    I just picked one up. My brother has used one for some time and likes it a lot. I'm thinking it will be a more fish friendly way to tail steelhead.
  3. mojoman

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    I actually had some made, i think mine are better than the Michigan mitt or landing hand as mine is shaped completely like a glove so you can put it on at any point during the fight and tail the fish as it closer. With the other gloves you lose use of your fingers because they are inside the mitt or mesh bag. Anyway if you are intersted they are $20.

    I am working, slowly on getting them into fly shops.

    email me and I will send you some photos.
  4. golfman65

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    I of am the impression that handling ANY fish with a mitt or glove will cause the fish to lose it's slime and increase the chance of bacteria and infection..

    I had one for a short time and when told of this lost it pretty quick...
  5. chromeseeker

    chromeseeker Where's the Bucket?

    Good thought. But I think the harm to the fish from minimal slime removal would be small compared to losing grip on the fish and having it thrash on the rocks.

  6. golfman65

    golfman65 Guest

    Why would you bring a wild or for that matter ANY fish you plan on releasing up on the rocks?
  7. Leroy Laviolet

    Leroy Laviolet Aint no nookie like chinookie

    Couldn't agree more- WHY IN THE HELL DO PEOPLE BRING FISH THEY WILL RELEASE UP ON THE ROCKS???!!!!:ray1::ray1:
  8. East Fork

    East Fork Active Member

    How do you guys release a fish without controlling it first?
  9. Jeremy Floyd

    Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

    I tail them in 6-8 inches of water. Then I turn em upside down for about 20-30 seconds fully submerged and it messes up their equilibrium. Then they generally hold real still for 15 or 20 seconds after you roll them back upright, which is plenty of time to slide a barbless hook out of their mouth while someone else snaps a shot.

    I think that the functionality and the idea of the fish glove is great. It seems like a mini nylon net to me though as far as stripping off scales and slime.

    If you want to litmus test it, go catch a steelhead with it's sea scales still on. If the glove is covered in sea scales after tailing the fish it probably isn't benefitting the fish any.

    A plain old wet cotton glove gives you a solid grip on a slimy fish. I wore one inside out over my vinyl glove on my non knife hand, back when I was hand filleting Sockeyes for sushi up on the Naknek River in Alaska.
  10. chromeseeker

    chromeseeker Where's the Bucket?

    I don't bring fish I will release up on the rocks but I want to make sure I have a good grip on the fish so that I can properly release it and so that it doesn't thrash into any rock which are inevitably in the shallow water where the fish is released. Basically, to just get a better grip. I do like the idea of inverting the fish to calm it down, however.

  11. fullerfly

    fullerfly Calvin Fuller

    I will sell you one. PM me, I have one at home that I have never used.