Fish on. I mean Bird ON.

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by South Sound, Aug 20, 2005.

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    So NRAndrew and I were fishing a bait ball when all of a sudden I hear him yell what everyone expects with silvers around, fish on. It hit the "wounded" fly under the ball. When it came up it was a diving bird. We got it to the boat and were able to take the hook out. Thank God for barbless. This is the first bird for him. I caught a swan as a kid and a seagull while bucktailing. Both accidently.
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    I caught a puffin on my last trip to neah bay, and brown diving birds in the past (not sure of their name). That puffin scared me, their beaks look pretty rough up close, ended up tossing a towell over it's eyes and it calmed right down. I've never had a problem unhooking any birds, it's definatly not much fun though.
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    A bird has to actually take flight and be played off the reel in order to count :rofl: