Fished Lone Today (03/06).

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  1. Had a tough day. Trolled a variety of leeches & buggers, with a few takedowns here & there, but nothing stuck. There was a pretty decent midge hatch going on with lots of surface activity, but I neglected to bring along a floating line for dry fly or chiro tactics. I'd be willing to bet we'd have done a lot better if we were indicator fishing.

    Finally, my buddy brought a 17" football to the boat that took a slow-trolled white bugger on an intermediate sinking line. That was the only fish brought to hand all day.

    But, as the cliche goes, it was good to get out on the water, despite the rain. We had a medicinal jug of Oban 14yr that helped a lot with morale, so, all in all, a great day. I need to go with someone who can show me the ins & outs of chiro fishing.

  2. Still better than a day spent inside.
  3. Thanks for the report. I notice Sunday night that more midges were coming off than I had seen this year and some actually in a size I could represent with a tied fly!

    I would be happy to meet you some weekend on the lake and give you the rundown on basic chironomid fishing, if that is what you are looking for. You will enjoy learning to fish the verticle
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  5. oops, forgot to reply.

    I fished it yesterday for about 4 hours. One other angler on the lake in the morning but he left at noon.

    The lake was very slow although there was some midge hatching going on. After trying about everything in my arsenal, I took off toward the ramp at a rapid clip to catch the ferry, and nailed an 18" bow right on top with an attractor fly. Unfortunately I had to leave or I would have tried that crazy method some more.

    Sometimes I have to just scratch my head with what works on a given day!
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  6. Elephant fly
    Thanks fory the fishing report. Sounds like yesterday might have been a good day for your chicken fly!

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  7. It's not crazy! it's called speed trolling, and it works for "BIG FISH" I do it all the time, with a motor though :D
  8. You got that right.

    Patting myself on the back for deciding to spend a little extra dough on quality rain gear.
  9. fished a north sno county lake today. very similar results. many tiny chiro. and scattering of bigger chiro's here and there. had many hits to my leeches but no hook ups. should have changed to a floater and midge. but by the time i figured that one, it was time to go.
    still very nice to get out and have sun on my face with only a slight wind.
  10. Jeff-

    I try to keep the ultra deadly chicken fly locked up in it's hermetically sealed fly box. It is so desirable that when I open the lid to the box, the fish smell that Colonel Sanders aroma and they start circling my boat screaming.... "I give up....I give up..."

    For that reason I only use it in desperate situations! It is unfair to nearby anglers to have all that fish shouting going on when they are trying to enjoy the serene outdoors.

    By the way, I just bought a cabin on Whidbey, so will probably spend more time on Lone and Pass. I might have to meet up sometime.
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  11. Cabin on Whidbey! Nice. I live near Lone Lake so let me know....

    With time, maybe I earn your trust and you show me how to tie the KFC fly!

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