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  1. I recently was informed that I am no longer a fisherman but a fisher. My apologies to the real fisher - a medium sized mammal(Martes pennanti) of the weasel family.
  2. Did the P.C. police give you a citation?
  3. Actually, you're an angler... you figure the correct angle.
  4. Fishers are cool - You should feel honored!

  5. And the person who let you know was what? an infort? (infor[man]t)
  6. PC is kind'a funny. You still call a man mail carrier a Mailman but you call a female mail carrier a " mail carrier", not a MailWOMAN.

    I guess a female fireman is a "firefighter". A female police officer is a "police officer" but a male police officer is a policeman.

    So obviously, if it is a woman who is fly fishing, she is a fly fisher, not a fly fisherman.

    I'm kind'a think'n the word "man" is no longer PC as part of a designation. ... unless you're a guy. :D
  7. I was recently informed, Man is no longer hip the term to use in present times is Dude
  8. "Hey you!"
  9. A Fly Fisherdude? A Policedude? A Firedude? A Postdude? Well, okay, works for me.

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