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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Gorgefly, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. A friend and I bought fishing buddy 1101's for a trip to B.C. this past summer.
    On the first day both of our mounts just snapped off. The temp was weird and it turned really cold and started snowing out of the blue which I think made the plastic brittle.
    I have had trouble even finding a place to buy one so my question is two-fold:

    Anyone know where to get one of these (thye don't even list them on their website)?

    Anyone had this happen and came up with a home made device that might be more sturdy?
    (I am thinking this would be the way to go)

  2. I had the same problem, right out of the box. I built a mount out of the broken parts and a Scotty Fly Rod holder & boat mount. Used a piece of PVC and a strap for a float tube mount.

    Good luck
  3. iagree

    I had to do the same thing after the first outing and the temp was only in the 70's
  4. I know these are fualty...way too many people have had the issue. The company said if I can find the receipt they will replace it....of course I can't find it. I bought a tube mount from Cabelas (ssh!)
    which works great on my tube but I need to figure something out for the boat mount. I think I'll try to make one as well.
  5. As far as float tubes go, those cordura beer can holders will work. Kind of mickey mouse. But they work.
  6. Thanks PETI!

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