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  1. When you get to a big pool or a long run in a stream, how do you fish it? Cast to the front of the pool and then take the hooked fish through all the others in the pool or work your way from the back to the front? If multiple fish in the pool, will they get spooked if you drag a fish through them? I know everyone likes to cast 40-50 feet, but what about the fish that are 20 feet away?
  2. short cast first, don't spook the fish with the line.
  3. you must certainly always cast to the other bank. that is where 100% of the fish hold
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  4. not the expert but yesterday i experienced this question and proved myself wrong at what i thought i started from the front and worked my way to the back and right after i caught a fish i almost left the spot because i figured it would be spooked but my first cast i caught another right after i release the first one. With the pools if theres rocks i drop the fly right in front and let it go around the side if i dont get anything i then cast right behind it then mend your line to allow it to sit but the trick is not to let your line drag over the top of the spot your choosing. good luck
  5. The British would cast upstream from the rear of the pool starting with short casts... as mentioned.

    However, I've had good luck catching selective feeders by starting at the head of a run or pool and letting the line drift downstream so the first thing the fish see is the pattern and not the tippet.
  6. According to the Little Red Book of Flyfishing (which I recommend to anyone learning this sport) you should fish the tail end and work your way up stream from there so as to not spook other fish in the run. 99% of the time fish are facing upstream and are less aware of what's going on behind them. The exception is in an eddy where the fish might be facing downstream.
  7. If I am fishing dries or nymphs, start at the bottom and cast upstream. If I am swinging a streamerthrough a deep run, and chances are that only the bigger fish in the pool will strike I will start at the top so that I can cast and step.
  8. I've hooked quite a few steelhead on a cast immediately after landing another fish. I don't think they spook easily, or at least they seem to be insensitive to their comrades going apeshit bananas at random intervals.
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  9. Flyborg, same experience here.

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