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    Patriarch Patrick McLaughlin brought his wife and children here from Ireland in 1850. My Dad's side is the fishing side of the family, they settled in the Finger Lakes and farmed and fished. Being good Catholic's you need a supply of fish for Friday's...:) I have some of Dad's old grass and glass rods still and reels too...Pfleugers...:rolleyes:
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    My great grandfather brought one branch of my family tree over from Germany in 1902 or 1904. He apparently fly fished (so I have to assume it goes back at least into the 19th century), and taught my grandfather to fly fish in Minnesota in the early 20th century. My Grandpa fished his entire life. After serving in WWI, he and his brothers went on a fly fishing trip for several years that took them across the midwest, through the rockies, the NW and then down through California. They would apparently fish, then get jobs when they got low on money, then move on to the next fishing spot....

    At any rate, my Granpda went to college some time after that, later married my (much younger) grandma and taught her to fly fish, settled down and had kids. They in turn taught my mom and my uncle. They took my mom and uncle through Montana, Alaska, etc on fishing trips. My mom and uncle have some really cool old fishing pics of them and my grandparents.

    My grandpa died when I was 6 but I still remember watching him fish. He could roll-cast a mile, even when chucking a weighted wooly bugger. My family bought some fishing property in MT in the 1970s and my grandparents used to go up to the property with us.

    My uncle starting teaching me when I was really young. I in turn am beginning the process of teaching my daughter.

    My great grandfather and grandfather apparently gear-fished as well, so I guess I come from a long line of equal opportunity fishing folks when it comes to my mom's side. My dad's side of the family are saltwater focused gear-fishermen who just dabble in fly fishing. Maybe my parents were destined to divorce :)
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    That is some impressive angling ancestry, Brian. Your gramps may have been the first trout bum.
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    I guess I'll chime in...I'm told by my parents I'm predominantly English/Dutch. I can trace my ancestors back to Hingham, Mass. in about 1680! Crazy. So who knows, I'm kind of an American melting pot mutt I presume.

    Interestingly enough, my grandfather was an avid fly fisherman. My dad often tells stories of fishing with HIS dad, but my dad himself is not really a fishermen per se. But having said that, I had him out on the river recently- it was his first time fly fishing in 20 years. He can still cast a tight line! I suppose it's like riding a bike? So maybe it's a recessive gene. My grandfather had it, my dad enjoys it, but then I got the addictive fly fishing gene? lol.
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