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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kent Lufkin, Oct 1, 2003.

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  1. How many of you bring along a handgun or other firearm when you fish? What kind? Why? Ever have to use it?

    "Only those become weary of angling who bring nothing to it but the idea of catching fish." ~ Rafael Sabatini
  2. Never have carried a piece unless I was hunting. But with all these trailhead car prowls, I just might start.
    Just remember the two golden rules, never point a gun at something you don't intend to shoot, and when you do shoot kill it quickly.


    Good things come to those who wade...
  3. I'm one of "those guys". I usually carry a 9mm, but I'm thinking of upgrading to a 44 mag or 45 LC for versatility. In grizzly country I bring a 12 gauge. I carry mostly in case of methheads, but also in case of a nasty animal encounter. I've run into more bears than most people while fishing and never had to shoot at one, but you never know. It's the people that I'm more concerned about.
  4. Depends on the area I'm fishing, but occasionally I'll bring a popper. My Sig 228 (9mm) has done the job fine, which really is how well can I shoot it and how much time does it take to clean. At some point I'd like to pick up a custom 1911 but the coin it'll take just hasn't freed itself from my wallet, yet.

    It seamed the upper MF Snoq was like the wild West for a few years. One season I had a couple bullets fly over my head from I don't know where, a large pipe bomb intentionally blown close to my partner and I sending rocks and frag at us, broke camp on some odd ball squatters which in hind site was probably a small meth lab, returned to my truck to find a small group of idiots around it ready to break in, ect...

    I've been tracked by a cougar, had a beaver ready to throw down, my partner was chased by a bear.

    I couldn't get a clean shot on the guys who blew the pipe bomb. The guys around my truck were thrown off by the size of my dog (170lbs), and that his master was obviously packing (made apparent) and ready to do them harm. The beaver must have gotten the message he would be my bitch if he came any closer and thankfully the bear didn't know I was only carrying a 9mm. All probably for the better.
  5. Since I moved to the Lower 48 I don’t carry my shot 12ga. But after my last experience with a car being broken into and stories of meth-heads I might go back to the shotgun.
    Sisu, its what America needs
  6. I sometimes bring along a little 25 cal pee-shooter. It holds 5-7 rounds (don't remember right off) and is very small, compact, and light. Can't hit a barn with it though. I mainly pack it on specific trips in questionable areas and when the snaggers and poachers are out in force. But I also like it because if I ever got injured, I could fire shots that are much louder than a whistler or my voice over a rushing river. Plus it would scare away most cougars and bears if needed. I'd never want to get into a gun fight with someone who is packing a real gun though...
  7. If you carry a gun while fishing, don't bother coming along with me.

    Handguns are designed to kill people, and that has nothing to do with fishing.
  8. I always carry something if i am where there could be a situation! Sometimes I tell and sometimes I don't if I am with other people. I didn't use to but now I always do and I will tell you why!

    A couple of years ago I was invited to go fishing in BC by a friend who has a substantial guide territory. He told me that there was a specific young bladk bear that had been making several false charges on his kids and to be alert! If It happened to me, and the bear got too close shoot a warning shot in front and then shoot the sucker. He handed me a 444 Marlin and said keep it close. The bear did appear and made one false charge and stopped about 40 feet away. It stopped and I fired one in front of it in the ground. Instead of running off this time it came to me and I put one in it's spine at about 10 feet! Yes there was a total investigation and it was deemed a justifiable shooting! I am sure glad that it wasn't the griz attached to the 11 inch paw print I saw up there last year during a moose hunt!

    Down here I have encountered black bears every year and cougars way too often. Blackies are very unpredictable. They are in close contact with man in most outer urban areas that we fish. They may run or they may stand and fight. I know one hound hunter, now on contract with the state, that hates to put his hounds on "urban" bears. They will stand and fight rather than run off! As for cugars that is really scarey! Ever watch a house cat play with a mouse? do you want to be the mouse?

  9. But for the fact that I'm practically invisible with camo waders, jacket, helmet, face paint etc. when I'm out on the water (even lake fishing at Rattlesnake), you could not miss me for all the firepower I carry. .22 Derringer in the hatband; .44 Mag in a shoulder strap, an old Vietnam-era M16 on a strap over my back, together with two full bands of ammo crisscrossed over my torso (it's a bitch when I fall in the river). Oh, and a WWI era bayonet in a scabbard I have hooked up to my wading belt. Not to mention the RPG in the trunk of the Jetta . . .

    Actually, sometimes I carry a Buck knife with a 2" blade. Most of the time I forget it. Hope I never run into a rabid beaver or anything like that, as I'm hosed.
  10. Glock 23 .40 cal. Super light,durable and most of all deadly acurrate at 20' which is all that really matters in real life situation around the NW. Never used it on anything alive, but always ready if the situation should arouse. Almost used it the other day while I was walking with my wife and a 150lb Rott came running towards us til its master called it back 20ft from us. I would of hated to put 3 Corbon slugs into the dog but no hesitation to protect my family.
    Super carry pistol for hiking too due to its light weight polymer frame.
    Now my question is, what do you carry if you are fishing or hiking in MT,AK,etc. where you are not a resident? Do you break the law and pack anyway? I say better to pay a 1000$ fine than being eaten alive while your wife and kid watch.
    I was considering a Glock .45 cal sub-compact when heading to Alaska,MT,etc where there are grizzlies,etc. But will see. Like the above posts say, I'd be more afraid of the tweakers and crazy dudes out there more than anything.
    PS, always be ready if an issue should come about, think smart and be calm. Target practice as much as you can, especially in the most crtical range of 15-20 ft for psycos, 20-30ft for animals.

    Peter ><>

    "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of Men" Matthew 4:19
  11. Chris - you are the guy I want next to me when I go fishing. You da man.

    Tight Loops - you may want to consider readjusting your version of reality. There are some bad folks out in the woods, and some of them would hurt you just for the fun of it. Guns are for the self-defense of law abiding citizens.

    By the way, do you ever wonder why the game dept guys and park rangers are all packing? Why don't you treat one of them to a beer sometime and ask them about their experiences...

  12. A humorous post until you are confronted! Call PETA when you have an eye ball to eye ball situation! Good Luck. I will enjoy reading about it in the PI!

    Yes I love reading about it! I love reading about fifi getting eaten by a Bellevue, Issaqua, North Bend residents pets being gobbled up by wild life. In fact I have little remorse for children either! How does that rattle your cage!
  13. Wet line - I assume you are kidding. If you are not, you are a real sicko.

    If a cougar or coyote visited my yard and threatened my kids, it will be greeted with some 00 buckshot.

    I will give you grace and assume that you do not have children of your own and are just young and stupid.

  14. Yo, Wet Line - my post was a joke. Just trying to lighten things up a bit here before the casual visitors get confused and think they're on the NRA's web site. Based on your knack for posting stuff for which you inevitably seem to feel the need apologize, your response to my attempted humor isn't surprising. Think before you write, dude. (Repeat 100x.)
  15. My version of reality is right on. Those who pack weapons are just paranoid, and they need to adjust their version of reality.

    I have been in the bushes for all my life, and never met someone "hunting" me. And I have even found homeless people living along the rivers and streams. No one has threatened me, and if there was a chance of that I bowed out.

    My personal credo is that to live by a gun means to die by a gun. And I personally wish to live to die of old age by natural causes, not because some turkey drew faster.

    Keep your guns at home, better yet, turn them in to the cops and don't buy any more.

  16. Thanks for the wake-up call. I'll be sure to stop by the station on my way to work tomorrow. Something tells me those of us who carry aren't the ones with paranoia issues...
  17. I bet if we had a shoot out with some other website, we'd win, considering all the guns and ammo talked about.
    Me, I love guns. I love everything about them, the engineering, the precision, the deadliness, and the beauty.
    Yes, beauty is in the eye of of the beholder and to these eyes guns are beautiful. Always felt that way ever since I was a small boy
    And yes, I do pack. I have a .380 automatic that is about the size of a package of cigarettes. It's famous as a police back up gun, the one they wear in a holster strapped to their leg.
    It's small but very authoritative when needed. I would never shoot anybody unless I met the full definition of the law for justifiable homicide, e.g. I was placed in fear of my life, and I defended myself with reasonable force. I don't expect this will ever happen.
    But I like to think that I am in control of things and so I have guns.
    I have a real hogleg, a stainless steel, Ruger, .44 Magnum, single action revolver. Damn do I love that gun!
    Accurate as well. Whereas the .380 is really a belly gun, the big maggie is very dangerous out to about a hundred yards. And she's beautiful. I don't go to church, but if I did, she would be my gun of choice to wear.
    I never pack it. Too big for that. But with its holster and belt all full of bullets, I see the Old West and I'm thrilled to be part of that tradition.
    My Browning 3 1/2 inch, 12 gauge Gold Metal Automatic Shotgun rounds out my arsenal. Wish I had more.
    Bob, the Lover of Guns And Not Ashamed Of It. (No, I don't belong to the NRA or vote like they do).:smokin
  18. Hey! That's me.
    Bob, the It Looks Like My Maggie.
  19. Yep 44 ..A must have tool when it comes to counseling wayward animals and individuals.

    "May your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny door down"
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