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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kent Lufkin, Oct 1, 2003.

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  1. OK. Serious now. I'm considering a sidearm. Although I grew up shooting guns I never had an affinity for handguns- in fact I hate how easy they are to get. Handguns kill people accidentally, often. I've spent much time in the woods including weeks on end in AK griz country. I'm not concerned about black bears or cougars, at least enough to take the risk of packing (which is much more dangerous statistically than any animal would be). That said, I'm not afraid to protect myself. And the rural Washington I have seen is bad news. I feel sorry for the culture that has no pride, blames everyone else, deface their property with burned out cars, poaches as a right of passage, and live out a spiteful life. WA is back asswards- no doubt about it. For me, I need to take the reality of this place into account. Would I carry in Montana? no. In most any state? no. In meth crazy, and ghetto pride WA? yes. I hate to say it. So I am considering it. What to do? I must admit- my encounters with the silly tar heels have been all bluff and no bite. I think they detect no fear, like any scavenger, and run away most often. I fear the extra confidence of a sidearm would lead me into trouble, since I have no patience for those ghetto poaching no brains. What to do, what to do.... (the culture is dying, they have no work, no future, but what to do in the mean time? In ten years, they will be gone, as will the lonesome rivers.)

    A fishing buddy of mine served as Marine in Vietnam, and he's not packing even though he explores deep into cougar/bear country. I trust his experience and perspective. Plus I don't want the hassle of thinking about a gun on my ankle or whatever. Until I hear abou a documnted attack in the areas I fish, I'm going clean. Yet, I am thinking about it...

    PS: anyone had a run in with the wild dogs on the sauk/skagit?

    PPS Skycries- Nothing says "dipshit" like an out of control Rottie or Pit Bull. Would love to pop one into the white trash owner instead of the poor worthless breed. Seen too many of those wannabes trying to get tough buying a crap breed of dog to drive around in the H2. YO! MTV ain't watching you, dork. Figure it out and get a real dog.
  2. I've had a concealed weapons permit since I turned 21. Since then I've had a few different sidearms and currently carry a Glock 19 99% of the time, fishing or not. I see a lot of dirtbags at work. The world is not all pretty flowers and sunshine.
  3. I grew up around guns, my father being a hardcore hunter, and while I own a few rifles and shotguns, I've never owned a handgun. Lately, I've been seriously considering it.

    It cracks me up when someone say that people who carry a gun for personal protection are paranoid. Obviously you've never had a gun pulled on you, never been jumped by 12 guys, slept in LA airport for three days, been stabbed at a party and rolled in a ditch, or walked across a meth lab in the bush. Yeah, I've found myself in a few hairy situations in my life, and frankly, the 4" blade I carry won't get my out of most of them.

    There are too many break-ins, too many crack heads, tweakers, meth labs, and morons in this state. Frankly, it scares me. I've always said it's not the animals in the bush that scare me, it's the people, and I'll stick by that.

    That being said, if you're going to carry a gun, be responsible with it. Don't brandish it or show it off, don't wear it on the outside of your waders like you're a cowboy, or you're just inviting trouble. Mostly, as was said before, never draw your weapon unless you are going to use it, unless you know how to shoot the damn thing, and never point it at something living unless you plan on killing it.

    So am I going to start carrying a handgun? Probably. If I do, you'll never know it. Hell, it's either that or move back to New Zealand where they don't have handguns ;)


    "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

    - Henry David Thoreau
  4. guns dont kill people.....people kill people

    ~Patrick ><>
  5. I actually called Idaho State patrol and spoke to them along with the forest service about this issue Peter. If you have a valid CPL (concealed pistol license) or otherwise known as concealed weapons permit, issued by the state of Washington, they will honor it. They did say that it depends on the law enforcement officer at hand wether or not you will get checked and called in for verification???

    Im not sure about Montana but I will check today since I do alot of fishing over there.

    ~Patrick ><>
  6. Everywhere I go!!

    I have a Colt pocketlite mustang 380 that I carry no matter where im fishing. It fits in the palm of my hand yet still packs a loud punch. It is hidden but very easily accessed within a split second. It only packs 9 with a plus 2 clip, 7 with its standard clip....but if you need more than a few rounds you might as well throw the gun at the target. No im not paranoid...I would like to think about it as "prepared". This is another one of those "personal preferrences and no one should be knocked for theirs" topics....

    ~Patrick ><>
  7. Montana honors Washington CWP's as well. A good resource for out of state laws is
  8. Yes I am just kidding! I in fact have children, 28 year old twins and a grandfather once and another grand child coming in spring.

    Children are the hopes and dreams of the future!

    At times people take things way to serious so I throw out an off the wall statement to see the response!
  9. Everywhere I go!!


    Interesting (and some amusing) posts from all - very thought provoking.
    After dropping my forceps in the water yesterday (you know, deep enough that you get soaked all the way to your shoulder retrieving it) I'm wondering how long it would be until I dropped a gun into the water...LOL.
    Seriously, I have to agree with Patrick's conclusion - this is one of those very personal issues and I can't make judgments about others' choices.
    Good posts, guys. I love it when I have those "Hmmmm..." moments. But not as much as fishing. ;-)

    Mike, the temporarily unemployed west-side transplant
  10. Everywhere I go!!

    Heres a funny along those lines of dropping in the water. I was out in the middle of the river and slipped a little then heard a splash. Checked all my gadgets and everything was still there....until I got back to the truck and noticed I was carrying a gun that at that point no longer had a clip...glad I didnt need it.

    ~Patrick ><>
  11. Boy, talk about a "loaded" question.... ;-) ;-) (pun intended) Sorry, couldn't resist.

    I personally own several weapons because I hunt. I finally purchased my first handgun last year - a Beretta 96FS (.40 S&W). My reason for purchase was primarily home defense and recreational shooting. I do not have a CWP, and I don't carry my pistol while fishing. However, I'm seriously considering getting a CWP so that I have to option to carry my weapon. I also know several people who frequently participate in "combat fishing" on local rivers who have CWPs and pack a weapon while fishing. (we're talking gear fishing at Blue Creek on the Cowlitz here)

    This is definitely a "personal preference" issue - everyone's going to have their own opinion. Having lived in Washington my entire life, I have to agree with some of the statements regarding the "locals" around here you sometimes encounter on the water. ANYTHING can happen around here, as evidenced by Chris's post above. If you have a CWP and you want to carry your weapon, have at it. You can fish with me anytime, as long as you let me know you're packing, you exercise common sense and display good gun safety skills, and you're more interested in catching fish on the fly than showing off your new pistol. :beer2
  12. I carry a P94 .40 S&W. It really depends on where I am going if i bring it or not. Never know when you are going to need it. Haven't run into any problems with bears or the like in Washington, but saw too many last time in Alaska.

  13. I do not carry a gun at this time but I always carry a Buck Knife with a 5" blade. I carry this for cutting lose from straps on my wadders or pack in an emergency as much as for protection. I have been thinking about getting a small light wt side arm for when I am in certain areas but I have not given it high priority as of yet.
    I do what to point out that all guns should be in a gun safe at when at home to both keep children from getting ahold of them by accident and to help keep guns out of crimanals hands. Way to many guns used in murders etc first were taken from legal gun owners. All of us have the legal right to own guns I feel but we also have the legal responsiblity to keep the guns out of the hands of children and crooks. Also never drink if you are packing a firearm and never drink while hunting. I hate being mistaken as a deer by some dam drunk hunter, yes it has happend and it gives a bad name to those who hunt. This makes for danger in the woods as well as giving ammo to the anti huntting groups out there.
    I have enjoyed seeing what guns some of you do pack out there in the field. It gives me some ideas of what to buy when I am ready. Most of my hand gun experince to date has been with either a 38 Police Special or a 22 Marksman Browning. That Browning was one accurate gun and easy to shoot but big for just being a 22. My knowledge of other types of hand guns is some what limited. When I finally do break down to buy a handgun I plan to spend alot of time at the shooting range with it before I ever take it with me into the woods. I hope all of you did the same.
  14. I bumped into a few rangers hiking around the Alpine Wilderness and never saw any evidence of them packing - unless they have them buried in their pack, which would kind of defeat the purpose of carrying the weapon in the first place with WA being such a dangerous place and all.
  15. Wild dogs on the Skagit!!! I encountered a group of 3 yesterday, and had I had a gun I would may have had to start shooting. Instead a couple of wild swings with my spey rod and a couple bigs rocks changed there mind. Still a little unnerving. I had seen this group before at a distance but this time I don't know if I startled them or what but one of the dogs ran off, but the other two came out of the bushes pretty quick, and barked aggressively with their heads low. Never thought about packing a weapon, but scary none the less.
  16. Watch out for those dogs RX. I had seen them on the lower Sauk last year, heard they have been growing in numbers and moving around. Did you encouter them on the N side of the Skagit? Maybe they'll fill up on pink sushi and it will take a few out. Those things should be shot on sight.
  17. My friends dad carries his Ruger .357 every year during hunting season as allowed by the exception alpinetrout mentioned. But i think there are restrictions on the size of handgun you are allowed to carry. I just remember him saying something about it. :dunno


    "Fly-fishing is the most fun you can have standing up."

    - Arnold Gingrich
  18. That applies when hunting big game only. When you're hunting and carrying a handgun, it must be of a caliber that is legal for hunting. A .357 is about the smallest legal caliber for deer and black bear. If you are carrying a gun when fishing, hiking, etc., there are no restrictions on caliber.
  19. Yep North side of the Skagit, downstream of the Sauk confluence. Last times I saw them I felt sorry for them because they were in pretty bad shape, Now I guess I still for sorry for them. They should be put down for safety sake along with the owners that dropped them off and left them for dead.
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