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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jason Chadick, May 5, 2013.

  1. Hey Gang,

    Some interesting events have unfolded and I may have a very good reason to move to Kennewick. I am an obsessesive fly fisherman and am curious as to what the opportunities to appease this obsession may be in that area. I am currently crazy about doing the spey for steelhead thing but am also into trout, I would also love to hear about other types of quarry that may be available such as bass or carp. Mostly, I just want to know how far I'm going to have to drive to go fishing, and how often I'll be able to fish, should I live and work in the Tri-City area. I've been spoiled on the OP and need a reality check. Be gentle.
  2. Lots of trout up by Othello and Moses Lake. That's about 50-70 miles north of the tri-cities.
  3. It is starting to be a good time to look into hitting smallies around that area. If you love fly fishing you won't have trouble finding fun in the area.
  4. Kennewick is a good base of operations. Lots of blue lines with all kinds of fish, within a reasonable range.
  5. No shortage of fishing around this 'hood. The trout fishing, in general, is better than the west side. Smallmouth and largemouth are in abundance. Steelhead are available at the right place and time. Carp abound. I haven't done it, but walleye can be caught on the fly. If you like, you could cash in on the pikeminnow bounty. Hmmm, shad? Sure, why not. Lots of fishing locally, lots of great fishing within a two hour drive and lots more three hours out. I'm considering a move to the west side, and I'm actually kinda' bummed about leaving the fishing around here.
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  6. I've been in the area for about 2yrs now. I moved from Utah with heavily pressured waters so its been nice to have a beat after beat to myself. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  7. The folks above have pretty much summed it up. Lots of bass & carp locally . . . and we're not terribly far from the Seep Lakes. Steelhead to be had in the Hanford Reach & on the Walla Walla & the drive to Idaho isn't all that far. Enjoy.
  8. Thanks for the replies fellas. Sounds like I'll have some great options. I'm sure the question has been posted before, but I was curious, there are definitely some fisheries that I haven't previously considered!
  9. WHAT?!
  10. Jason,
    Last year while exploring for bass in my SOT kayak on a large bay off of the Columbia River within the McNary Wildlife Refuge I discovered a vast area of shallow water with loads of carp. At the time I really wasn't really equipped to fish for them but will be going back that way to have a go at them. This whole bay is not over 3' deep and lousy with carp. I've also never seen anyone there on this huge body of water.

    There is plenty of smallie fishing in the Columbia, Yakima, and Snake close by. Enjoy the Tri-Cities.
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  11. PM me, Jason, and I can tell you some of what I know. I am a lifer here in K town, and I have been chasing fish with a fly rod here for a long time. It really is a pretty sweet place to call home.
  12. There's a popular bank fishing spot about 20 miles up the Columbia on the east side. I think it's called Ringold; sorry but I haven't been there in many years. I'm not sure about wading depth, and as a spey fisher, I know that's a consideration.
  13. I think he might have been referring to Chad's last line. I'll second the "WHAT?".
  14. No fish out here. Just move along. Nothing to see.
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  15. Yup, I am an ass.
  16. Oh yeah. That's what I really meant to say. The fishing sucks balls, so I'm moving to the west side so I can fish year 'round in peace.
  17. I'm pickin' up what you're putting down. I'll be checkin' it out tomorrow.

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