Fishing below or above a dam

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    <possible stupid question>
    In general, is the fishing better above or below a dam. I'm looking at the South fork of the snoqualmie river near Ollalie State park.
    </possible stupid question>
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    In general, the stream fishing is better below a dam. Especially since above the dam is usually a reservoir. The fishing is better below a dam, especially if it is bottom fed (creating a 'tailwater' fishery). These fisheries stay near a constant temp, allowing plants and insects to flourish, especially if the dam spills at a constant flow. As far as the dam on the South Fork Snoqualmie (two of them, actually, although the one you're referring to is the Weeks falls), it shouldn't affect fishing at all. I believe it's a run-of-the-river style dam that takes advantage of a natural falls. Therefore, no reservoir and no effect on flow or temp.
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    +1 on below... if you can't fish a freestone, fish a tail water ;)
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    Except on the Yakima....trout fishing is better above Roza dam than below.
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    Beaver dams are usually different. For the most part the bigger fish are in the reservoir. Just to muddy up the subject ;)
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