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  1. Who is heading east for the trout opener? Just looking for a roll call.
  2. did you see the weather report for the weekend? I am actually thinking of maybe waiting.....
    Ok, I waited and I'm going over. But low 20's when arriving with a high of mid-30's and snow?
  3. 50/50 at this point, the passes could be interesting and it isn't worth it to kill myself to fish the opener. Close to worth it, but not quite.
  4. I probably won't make it. Truck is having clutch problems. I may have to spend this weekend replacing my whole clutch, at the very least the throwout bearing.
  5. My plans were to go over on Sat. or Sunday and fish the week. If the passes are crappy or the weather report calls for a lot of rain I'll bag out.
  6. I'll be fishing the basin lakes for the opener.
  7. Me too. The question is where. I'm still waffling about my destination.
  8. For a heads up I had plans on camping at Quincy for the opening weekend. Decided not to subject my friends and wife to that so we slid the trip to the following weekend. Opening weekend will be day trips to local lakes.
  9. I won't make it out until the weekend of the 8th. Everyone who's headed out this weekend . . .stay warm and safe!
  10. Mid to low 20's at night don't make camping in the truck an inviting idea. I think I'll wait this one out until later. To those that go, have fun, stay warm...
  11. Gees Roper you look entirely to civilized in your avatar. Sort of look like you should be up on the bench judging and sentencing.:D Our lakes all have a couple of feet of ice yet.
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  12. Psyco:

    Where in BC are you located? Love the fishing highway area.

  13. Roper is trying to "clean up his act" a bit. It's not working though. Many of us on this site know him all too well. :D
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  14. Steve, you have to really hand it to Roper though. How many of us think to have our obit picture taken years ahead of time?:)

    It was 10 here this morning with single digit temps forecast for next week. I've had my share of opening days over the decades, warm is nice. I think I'll hold out for some warm.


  15. About 12 miles west of where highway 395 crosses the border and then about 3/4 of a mile north of the border, Rural Grand Forks BC.
  16. Forecast for Quincy....

    Saturday morning low...27....high.....33
    Sunday morning low.....18....high.....28
    Monday morning low....14....high.....30.

    I think I am with Ive...
  17. My old Kung-fu Grand Master Simon was from Grand Forks...small world...
  18. Quincy sounds like the Banana Belt!

    Ione forecast:

    Sat high 22 low -1
    Sun high 24 low 5
    Mon high 28 low 12

    We'll be frozen till some time in April.
  19. i am newer to the fly fishing game and grew up fishing the quincy lakes, its looking like i will headed over on the 9th, which lake are you focusing on? If i remember correctly i usualy fished burke.
  20. Burke and Quincy would be a good choice.

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