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  1. Was reading thru another thread and seems there is some interest in fishing with glass. I might be one of them. Whats it like? How do they roll cast? I have cast bamboo and the tip was soft but it had backbone to it. What is a good inexpensive rod? How about the Steffen rod? I went the the company's web site but no pics of the rods.

  2. With the development of todays graphite rods, fiberglass has kind of lost it's place. It doesn't have the nostalgia and prestige of bamboo, and lacks performance that modern graphite offers.

    The rods are typically very slow action and are heavy. Some still like them, I just don't see the appeal. Garage sales are a good place to look for used rods. I'm not aware of anyone who makes them new, but I haven't been looking.
  3. Say what? I beg to differ. I for one have several modern glass rods (Scott, Lami, Steffen) and one old 1970's Sage SFL (my favorite rod of all time, though I just bought it within the last year). All of them are anything but heavy. Yes they are soft, but they have their place fishing in tighter situations for sure. I wouldn't be caught on a small stream without one.

    MANY companies make new glass rods. In fact, glass is enjoying quite a renaissance with Scott, Lami, Steffen, McFarland, and several others making them now.

    There is a very active forum called Fiberglass Flyrodders here:

    They also have a wiki listing of modern and old rod makers:
  4. I have to agree with Lugan. Like anything there will always be a following. The forum listed has some hardcore glass anglers on it. I still fish my old Fenwicks alot. Have quite a few and they are always on my rotation. In fact, brought one of my 8wt glass rods with me to the Hoh down. Fiberglass has never lost it's place. In fact, it's really making a resurgence. ANd in the gear world, they make the BEST plug rods. People can read what the lure is doing so much better with a glass rod then any graphite rod. Funny how for years I've been "outdated" using my glass rods. Now they are prized and I'm having a hard time buying them cheap anymore.
  5. I use my 7'6" 5wt Lamiglass S-Glass rod alot. I love it. If I want to just enjoy casting and not have to worry about my timing being perfect I use that. First fly rod I ever got, too. My grandpa built it for me years and years ago.
  6. Just like any kind of materials... there are GOOD fiberglass rods and BAD fiberglass rods.

    Good fiberglass rods are light, smooth and fun to cast, bad figerglass rods are heavy, dull ,bounce crazy and difficult to cast.

    Like some of people in the fiberglassflyrodders, I enter fiberglass world with doubt. But as soon as I casted a good one, I got hooked! It really will change your mind, well... if you are looking for some elements that only in fiberglass. I agree with Lugan and Jerry there are so many light feel fiberglass rods out there... I have Lamigalss and Fenwichs and looking forward to a Steffen... they also cast extremely smooth and stable. It also give you a fun fights.

    For roll cast, in general, softer rod are much easier to load and fiberglass are exceptional good at it..IMO. I have a Lamiglass 6'6 3wt. You can easily do a switch cast or snake rod on a small creek. It's very useful if there are a lot of vegetation around the creek. I think there are already some manufacturers start to tweaking around the fiberglass spey rods.

    To me, I use very stiff graphite rod for windy day and for nymphing. But for small flies, I prefer use soft fiberglass rod. The fight is addictive.
  7. Interesting. All the glass fly rods I've seen were the old timers made in the 70's & 80's and they were nothing I would ever want to fish with. Thats basically what I based my opinion on. I work for a fiberglass and composites company so i have somewhat of an interest in fiberglass. I had no idea there was still a demand for them. Maybe I'll have to throw one around sometime.

    I have an eagleclaw featherlight glass spin rod that is a lot of fun for crappie/perch when I'm in the mood to just sit back and have a few beers with friends. I guess it's pretty light weight (although still heavier than a comparable graphite rod).
  8. I now have a 3 and 4 wt Lamiglass that I enjoy far more than any of my graphte rods for small stream fishing. Much easier to load with just a little line out the tip, slow relaxed casting stroke, old school color and style. I'm a fan.
  9. I have a wright&Mcgill green hornet (8gh 8) that I got from my Dad before he passed away 15 yrs ago. He got it in the late 50's or early 60's. It has never been used. It feels like a noodle rod. I may try it one of these days.

  10. Almost all the rods I fish were built in the 50's-70's. Some of mine are pre ferralite Fenwicks, but most were built from the 60's through 80's. Even those you speak of are great rods (through the 80's). Those 70's vintage are some of the better that I've used. It's not when they were made, it was the BLANK and they way it was made. In each weight you had some awesome rods, and you had some dogs. Know graphites that are the same way, even today. Plus, weight is also dictated on how it was made. I know some very nice and somewhat light glass rods. Only time you got "big" rods, were usually the heavier weights. And they still aren't that bad to cast, just have a bigger grip. I know, I was even using a 9wt Lamiglas glass rod this past weekend.

    Now, if you want heavy and a pain to cast, go back to pre bamboo and try casting a greenhart all day long. If you want vintage and old school, try one of those. LOL.
  11. The 4-weight, 7'6" Lamiglas is a very nice rod I still occasionally use mine for fishing spring creks. I also have a Lamiglas 6'6" 6-piece fiberglas rod that is REALLY a travel rod. I own have two nice rods made from circa 1970s J.Kennedy Fisher glass blanks, one a 7'' 4-weight and the other a 7'6" four piece 5-weight. Both are excellent rods, all tricked out with wood reel seats and slip rings.
    I do believe that the short fiberglass rods in 3, 4, and 5-weight are the most enjoyable to use. In a weak moment I donated a cherry 7' Fenwick glass rod to the WFFC Holiday Auction one year. It bid out pretty high. Someone knew what they were doing. A light fiberglass fly rod is a joy to use, will cushion tension on a light tippet and lay a #18 Rowley Raccoon down as gentle as can be. TFO has also just brought out a sweet little fiberglass rod that I haven't tried yet.
  12. I just bought a fiberglass from Prairie Drifter Rods. He does Lamiglas and e-glass. The one I got is a 7' 5weight and I love it. The price is 150.00 for the standard, and it goes up from there. He will work with you and the customer service is the best. I was so impressed, that I have ordered one of his 4 sided bamboo. If you are interested google Prairie Drifter Rods. Hope this helps!! If you have any question please P.M. me.
  13. Say it this way. I had to dig to find this picture. Here's a picture of my daughter casting my old FF858 Fenwick. She was only about 10 years old and she learned on this rod. And for a 10 year old to handle an 8wt all day, and it being glass is pretty good. In fact, Sue (Freestone) fished this rod that day (or the day after) and absolutely loved fishing this same rod.

  14. You guys are going to bid up the prices on my favorite rods. I guess it is good I have a good selection already. For everyday fishing there isn't anything sweeter when considering action, durability, and price. My favorites are old Fenwicks and most any Lamiglas though there are many others just as sweet.

  15. LOL Randy. Thankfully I'm only buying the 8wt's up (as you know lol), so it's not too bad pricewise. But some of those glass trout rods are going through the roof. YIKES
  16. Once you go glass, you never go back.
  17. Actually, if you look at the highest prices paid for vintage glass rods, they're all on Fleabay and being bid up by Japanese buyers. Soooooo many Russ Peaks, Winstons, Fenwicks, Claudios, etc. have wound up on the other side of the Pacific. Glass is seriously hot in Japan.
  18. Hey, me too! My Lami is actually a Lami blank built out by Prairie Drifter (guy named Mike). He custom cut a 7'3" 3-piece 4wt for me that is fantastic. You can see it at his website photo gallery here, middle and botom of page 2 of the gallery:
  19. ha... that's exactly what I thought last night... We probably should stop talking about it... :clown: and there are no such fiberglass forum out there....
    It's heart breaking that get "sniped" more and more often on ebay ...
  20. I just got my first fiberglass rod. :)

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