Fishing for my anniversary, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by skeith5, Aug 10, 2001.

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    My wife, who really doesn't like my obsession with fishing has said she wanted to go for a little bit on our anniversary date. Blew me away! So I need, absolutley need to know of a place where we can catch a lot! I only have one fly pole, so something not fly fishing only would be great but I am thinking about pass lake. I was also thinking Fort Casey for sea-runs but Hoodsport also comes to mind. I don't mind driving, I live in Federal Way. I just have to show her a good time so she will get into fishing more.... :)

    Scott Keith
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    I found myself in a similar situation. I wanted to teach my wife to fish but I didn't want her to get discouraged. We ended up at the Hama Hama on the weekend after the 4th of July. It was so cool to see her face when those fish would rise and take her fly. She caught numerous little fish and she was immediately hooked.

    So, I guess that's my recommendation. It is better suited for a fly rod, but it's a great place to get your spouse addicted to fishing. Good luck and happy anniversary.
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    I've never found myself in your situation (seeing that I'm 16) but I really do agree with Jon about the Hamma Hamma. Maybe not that river in paricular, but a small westside creek is the best place to catch lots of fish. You might catch a couple big fish on pass or in the salt, but for numbers, try a creek. On my favortie streams, the fish are usually only 6-12 inches, but I consider any less than a 30 fish day a bad day. Use big bushy dries in the little pockets and holes, and nymphs like a BH pheasant Tail are dynamite when fished as a dropper under a high-floating dry. I'm not going to reveal my favorite creeks, but here are my favorite drainages- The upper Cowlitz tribs, the upper Yakima and Naches tribs, any upper section of hood canal tributaries, and the forks of the snoqualimie. Hope it goes well fo you!

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    I haven't fished it, but I understand the Tilton is a good spot to start. It is supposed to be fairly open and you can catch fish.
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    rent a doat at olsons resort in sekiu. dont cost much but can have fast action all day. 360 963 2311 went there 3 weeks ago and caught over 50 salmon for the weekend. trolling, flyrod,and buzzbombs.