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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Nick Clayton, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Gonna try to get my boy into a chum in the morning. He can't quite fly cast well enough so I'm thinking ill have him gear fish. He has a sufficient spinning rod, but I'm not sure what to set him up with for ease of fishing, with a shot of hooking up. Gonna be fishing shallow water with minimal current. Suggestions? Spinners? Jig and float? Herring under a bobber? Whatever it could be at this point wal mart will be my source.

    Would sure love to see his reaction to hooking a chum!
  2. Tough to be a float and jig. I'd go that route if you have the stuff.
  3. Is that setup feasible in shallow water? I.e. less than 4 feet, often less than 3
  4. sneak floats or clear drifters and shorten up the leader. Should work out fine.
  5. Nick, get him some casting bubbles. Tear dropped shaped deal. Casting that with a fly attached will work well. Bubble above the fly 2-4 feet and he's set. Fishing the same flies as dad, and out fishing you!
  6. What Ed said.
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  7. Good call Ed. I was wondering the same thing for my wife and never thought of using one of those clear floats and a fly! Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Off to Walmart to buy some bubbles and some hip boots
  9. This is how I introduced my girls to fishing with flies. They could. Easily cast spinning gear with a fly on the business end.

  10. I did the same thing with my girlfriend, I've actually considered it when watching the salmon giving the middle fin 40 foot out of casting range... almost considered.
  11. I've also seen the floats in a chartreuse and an orange; for me, I'd prefer those colors over clear. Chums are either on the bite or not, and the color of the float shouldn't be a factor to 'em . . .
  12. Tri swivel with weight, 24" leader, thread a bass popper head on the leader, tie any fly on and slide the Popper onto the fly. Hope you get the kid into some fish!

  13. ya but the clear floats fill part way with water so you can launch em, I think the bright colored bobbers dont do that
  14. why not go fly rod with floating line and bobber with #6 jig fly? that would be deadly

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