Fishing licenses-what a bargain!

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  1. License cost for Washinton and non-resident for Idaho and Montana are going to cost me about $190 for the 2013 season. Idaho is $100, Montana $70 and the Wa license was $16 including the "Two pole endorsement". That was an extra $6 and I bought it as more of an insurance policy than anything else. A few years back I was fishing a local lake in my pontoon with two rods on board. A hatch broke out and I quickly put away the rod with the sinking line and started flinging drys to rising fish. What I didn't realize was that the wooly bugger I had stuck in the cork handle had come loose and was dragging in the water-9' behind the boat. When I returned to the boat ramp an over zealous game warden was there writing me a ticket for fishing with two rods! That resulted in a $100 hit to my social security check and diminished respect for the game officer. A savvy guy would have certainly given me a mulligan but this nimrod just wanted revenue.

    But I digress-the licenses are just a good deal. I can fish in 3 states for the rest of the year as many times as I want. Compare that to greens fees or lift tickets or see how many hours of entertainment 200 bucks will buy you at Mariners or Seahawks games and it is just no contest.

    What is not a bargain however is the chickenshit fees we are now being forced to pay just to use the license we have already paid for. A nearby lake known for it's nice crappie population-and one I used to fish as often as twice a week-now wants $5 a day just to park there. They make it clear that the WDFW pass for your windshield or your Discover pass are not valid. The same thing occurs at Browns Lake. The irony of this is that both of these lakes were excellent cutthroat fisheries just a few years back. Now one is all panfish and Browns has been ruined by the introduction of zombie rainbows. The quality is gone but the cost is higher.

    This keeps me busy searching out obscure general regs lakes that aren't yet subject to the draconian fees. There are some dandys around but the noose is tightening.

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  2. I ain't fishing where it costs $5.00 a day to park.
  3. I buy my state license, though I usually only use it a few times a year. I couldn't survive without my reservation license. No chance in hell I'll pay for a discover permit. Oddly, the only place not having a discover pass hurts is not being able to park at my favorite carp flats. If I want hit those flats I just have someone drop me off, or park at the highway and hike in.
  4. Well since I don't worry about the cost of my license (8 bucks) which isn't a license as it is a conservation license. All I fish for is trout which I don't even eat. So 8 bucks doesn't set me back for all the enjoyment I have every time I go fishing. I don't feel like I have to go anyplace else to fish. Here I can catch EB, RB, Cutthroat, Grayling, Rocky Mountain Whitefish, Bull Trout, Salmon, if I want to go the the eastern part of the state. Pike and Bass if I so desired.

    Since lakes here in Montana are usually all high lakes and are ice covered 8 months of the year I don't bother with them. I sold all my lake floating gear. If I want to fish a lake I can do it from the shore. Plenty of room for those back casts as there aren't many trees that high up. But it sure is pretty up there. And most of those high lakes are loaded with Cutthroat. And they all like dries.
  5. I paid $24 for my license this year, not sure if I'm gonna get a king stamp, I guess probably so that's another $10. Might buy an MT license as well but I'm not totally sure I'll make it down there. Instead of paying parking fees I park on a road or something, then ride my bike in.
  6. Gotta be 70 before WDFW considers you a "senior" and gives you a break on the price. Last year I paid $63 for mine at the local hardware store, and I expect it to be the same again. The Combo plus Columbia R endorsement is all I need.
  7. Here in Montana your a senior at 62. 8 Bucks for fishing privileges plus something about a free Duck Stamp. Since I don't hunt, I don't understand what that is about.
  8. i need a fake id saying im 73
  9. Salt+Fresh+Endorsements (2 Rod+Columbia)+Discovery Pass
    +Small game+big game+duck stamp+migratory validation+draws
    About $260 a year for me in my home state
  10. Blake, when you go to Montana and it cost $450 for a day's guided fishing $260 for the whole enchilada sounds like quite the deal, doesn't it?

  11. Who uses a guide. I have a good map and some sense about me. I catch fish most places I throw my line at. And I've been to some neat places here already.
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  12. Old man has it right. I'm not complaining tho. I would certainly pay more if I had to.
  13. I don't include my Discover Pass, nor any of my vehicle or trailer licensing, when calculating what a great deal I'm getting. Even if I included those, I still think I'm getting my money's worth.
  14. Did Idaho jack up their out of states? I am going to Weippe in May, and was going to just get a 3 day license if they are still like $11 a day or what ever they were a few years back.
  15. Hell Jim, you never catch anything anyways! The only time you see a fish is when they poke out of the water to laugh at ya! :p
  16. I don't talk about all the fish I catch. The fish I catch are not big fish but fish no bigger than 16". But loads of fun on a 3wt. I got lots of small water to explore here in Montana and I gonna get my share of fish.
  17. Just giving you crap Jim. I am gonna be out in Idaho the end of May. You want to meet up on the CW?
  18. I don't go anywhere else to fish. I like Montana.
  19. Well fine.
    Naw, its cool. I didnt realize it is a 6 hour drive. Thought it was less from Weippe to Dillon.
  20. Any disabled veteran with 30% or greater service connected disability is eligible for a reduced fee hunting and/or fishing license.

    Any service connected disabled veteran of any level over the age of 65 is eligible for the same reduced fee licenses.

    Before you decide to hand carry your paperwork to Olympia to get certified for this reduced fare, be aware of several things:

    When an entrance to a building says "Employee only access, public access is up the stairs to the left" don't be surprised if the only stairs in the area on to the right.

    You can ignore the "All visitors must check in at the information offices" because all of the information offices are closed.

    And do not try to park in government provided parking, the lot will be full and it is easier and cheaper to find parking on the street.

    This information is current as of yesterday morning at 11:00. Guess where I was?
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