Fishing related Political Question: Sarah Palin and Pebble mine?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by herl, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    This is the easiest decision ever for me. Mrs. Palin does not believe in evolution. For me it ends there with regard to science and conservation issues. Add in opposition to the CWA and the Alaskan Republican parties record on natural resource extraction issues and it's even more clear. James Watt anyone?

    In the interest of full disclosure I am a pro 2nd amendment liberal. I believe that the 2nd amendment is useless without upholding the others, especiallly the 1st and 4th, neither of which she or her party seem to care for.

  2. sportsman Active Member

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    Chris must be on vacation! After the debacle of the last 8 years, either one will be a huge improvement. Before any of you punch your ticket for McCain, say a prayer for his [continued]excellent health.
  3. Richard Torres Active Member

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    Some examples of past open pit mines:

    Pollution from the Summitville Gold Mine in Colorado sterilized 17 miles of the Alamosa River. The mine was abandoned and its operator, Summitville Consolidated Mining Corp. Inc. declared bankruptcy.

    Look up the word liquefaction in the dictionary and add that to an earthen dam..

    Northern Dynasty's Proposed Pebble Mine Plans.
    Most recently, in 2006, Northern Dynasty began the permitting process by filing applications for water rights and for permits to build at least 5 incredibly large earthen dams on the North and South Fork of the Koktuli River at the headwaters of the Bristol Bay watershed. The proposed dams would be tailings settling ponds or in another words, toxic waste storage sites. The one earthen dam would be 740 feet high and 4.3 miles long. The other dam would be 700 feet high and 2.9 miles long. The larger dam would be higher than the Hoover Dam or the Grand Coulee Dam which are of course made of concrete. These proposed earthen dams are in one of the most active earthquake zones in Alaska.
  4. Mark Walker Active Member

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    My favorite political quote..."a man never stoops so low as when he stands up for public office"....Thomas Jefferson. Every year it gets worse. They spend MILLIONS of dollars from "special interest" groups campaigning with bullshit promises while the general public (thats you and me, in case you were wondering) takes it in the shorts daily at work, at the store, at the pumps, and yearly in April. It doesn't matter one damn iota who gets elected. We always lose! Its a friggin' racket to make the rich richer. Its like comparing a bottle of Gallo to a bottle of Bartel and Jaynes. Their both crap in a bottle. BOHICA boys, BOHICA!!
  5. Nick Andrews New Member

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    Sara Palin cannot even control her daughter, if McCain were to drop dead (which is likely just from the looks of the guy) then how in the world is Palin going to manage the government. If you cannot manage your personal affairs then you are not fit to lead a country.
  6. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Now we are well adrift off topic, but I believe it is tough to vote on key issues in congress when you are in fact on the road shaking hands, waving, kissing babies and trying to get votes when you are supposed to be in your office at work.
  7. Flyborg Active Member

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    "It is against the law for the governor to officially advocate for or against a ballot measure"

    Freedom of speech has limitations in the US. It's why we have laws against slander, public obscenity etc... Sarah Palin knowingly broke a state law to speak against a bill that would have benefited her state fisheries, and claimed "personal privilege" to dodge the public bullet . Personal Privilege? Is that anything like "Executive Privilege?" Scenario seems awfully familiar for some reason...
  8. Nick Andrews New Member

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    And McCain's is any better?

    McCain is a joke! The guy graduated last in his class at the Naval Academy, which he only got into because of his father and grandfather.
  9. corysean99 New Member

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    she can't control her daughter? Does that really have any bearing on anything? Were you not a teenager once?
  10. Nick Andrews New Member

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    She sits and preaches abstinence only sex education and has a high school daughter knocked up. I was a teenager, but my parents taught me to make right choices, those being to keep my penis in my pants and if I did not at least wrap it up.
  11. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    Keep it fishing related, as requested by the threads starter and the forum rules. If you cannot help yourself, don't post.

  12. Nick Andrews New Member

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    Sorry...could not help myself.
  13. Tim Lockhart Working late at The Office

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    I say it's all good...bring up politics in an election year and this is the standard stuff. Besides, I think I heard someone say, "We'll go at it -- you know that's the nature of this business." Other than Jim's newfound crush on a certain hockey mom, I don't see anything out of the ordinary in here.

    That notwithstanding, see post #51.
  14. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Damn Hoosier, did not intend to upset you. I'm not a big fan of McCain either, I was responding to a post about Obama. I would say that most politicians suck.

    Now here is a question for you. What do they call the guy who finished dead last in his class in medical school? Doctor, and he gets licensed to "practice" medicine, generally independantly without any oversight. No politician has that level of power in a democratic society. It will be less the name of the President or Vice President but the strength of the cabinet, congress and willingness to get anything done.
  15. Dylan D Member

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    Not sure if full disclosure is proper or not here, but just in case I'm voting for Barack, primarily for his environmental policies (though still lacking greatly IMO), whom -- of the two primary choices -- I believe will better serve the interests of environmental protection and our fisheries.

    Regarding the questions, 1) My understanding is as shown prior, that she came out against the recent measure that in my belief would have at least made it much more difficult for PM to ever become a reality, which is of course very disappointing, 2) Not as I'm aware other than being a voice for/against it, which as I've heard and read was one primary reason for its failure last week. In any case, she could have as much influence as, say, Dick Cheney might have had in the eventual profits of oil companies and Halliburton -- not to be ignored I'd say, and 3) Absolutely. As stated above, my primary issue is the environment, and this issue embodies the very problems that I see with our failure as a country on this very topic.
  16. fastpitchpete Member

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    I firmly believe that a vote for the McCain ticket is a vote to support degradation of our natural resources, be it Bristol Bay, the Arctic Refuge, or any other area of our fine country. Vote for change, vote for Obama, thanks for reading, Godspeed.
  17. Nick Andrews New Member

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    No worries...and not upset.
  18. chadk Be the guide...

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    I honestly don't think Obama or Biden even know Alaska was part of the USA until about a week ago. Change? Change that will impact fishing? Dream on...
  19. nb_ken Member

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    Here's a look at McCain's qualfications. Also goes to the point above.

    Some excerpts:

    The son and grandson of Navy admirals, he attended Annapolis where he did poorly. Nevertheless, he was commissioned as a pilot, where he performed poorly, crashing three planes before he failed to evade a North Vietnamese missile that destroyed his plane. McCain spent more than five years in a prison camp.


    Every senator who runs for president misses votes back in Washington, so it's no surprise that McCain and all the others who ran in the primaries have missed a lot of votes in the past year. But between the beginning of 2005 and mid-2007, no senator missed more roll-call votes than McCain did, except Tim Johnson, who was recovering from a near-fatal brain aneurysm.


    McCain has done one thing well -- self promotion. Instead of working on legislation or boning up on the issues, he's been on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" more than any other guest. He's been on the Sunday talk shows more than any other guest in the past 10 years. He's hosted "Saturday Night Live" and even announced his candidacy in 2007 on "The Late Show with David Letterman."
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