Fishing Report..... AWESOME TIME!

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Chef, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Not sure, just call me Scarecrow, but I need a new brain. Sucks getting old. But I C&R 16 on all those great flies from the group.:thumb:
  2. That's a banner day! Lone has been decent to me but not that decent.

  3. Nice Mark - 16! And I thought I did fairly decent with a dozen hook-ups. I know a lot of the folks in the group did well too. From what I witnessed, the high standard was the Ira and Kristy chironomid how-to clinic, judging by the celebratory hootin' and hollerin' from their pram every few minutes...
  4. There are quite a few fish with sore lips in the lake from yesterday's outing! If I could have kept up my early morning pace, it would have been a personal best. As fate would have it, I went into a two hour funk mid-day, but finished with my rally hat on. Great meeting some new friends, and seeing some familiar faces too! I had one of those huge peanut butter cookies on the way out. Delicious! Thank you.

    Here is a picture of a 'bow that was both bright and had really nice colors. All were nice chunky fish, no regrets on this totally fantastic day!
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    Beautiful sunset on the ferry ride home, prior to a Seahawks victory. Quite a day!
  5. Mr. Yoshida: I am warning you.... continuing to loose and forget things.... next time we will all have to have an intervinson!
  6. Here are a few more pics. What an enjoyable day, hope for more gatherings in the future.
  7. awesome pics!!!!
  8. Yeah, great trip and ultimately warmer than I expected but then again it is nice to anchor with your back to the wind and a tent warmer in the boat. Kristy was truly on fire and between the two of us we netted 27 or 28 fish on the bloodworms and chironomids (all my patterns, Kristy just knows how to fish them better). Most of the fish took a skinny bloodworm, but some took the top chironomid and three took a stillwater nymph. We mostly fished in about 14 feet of water about a foot off the bottom.

    This trip has really help me redefine my winter fishing. Nice to meet everyone but my biggest props go to Chef for his unflappable energy for the sport, you really were the catalyst for this adventure, thank you.

  9. Chef is becoming the rock star of flyfishing.
  10. Just kind of reflecting on this trip and others, what I have observed, and what has been written.

    People express themselves so differently... verbal, visual, and written word. Some folks wear their emotions on their shirt sleeves, others are more reserved. For me, one of the great things about this forum is making new friends and putting all these pieces together!

    Seems the love for this sport has us all spellbound. Out on the water the neurons are firing like mad; and at any given time, there is some crazy mix of adrenaline and endorphens being released. Some individuals seemingly look bored on the water, and are having the time of their lives! Others are having the time of their lives, and outright act as if they are having the time of their lives. We are all better for one another!

    Sorry, just a silly little epiphany for me.
  11. Being out on the water has been one of the most wonderful things in my life. I realize that life is not about working all the time... its about the true balance of work and fun and the fun for me has been fly fishing and tying flies. When you add meeting new friends, it changes everything and heightens it.
  12. Chef is a rockstar!

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