Fishing report for a "non-secret" Tacoma beach

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by DennisE, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Hit Titlow this morning. Got on the water a little after my planned dawn start, but only by 20 minutes. Started at TOA and worked my way back down the beach until 9AM. No response to the Miyawaki Popper. Saw two or three jumpers about 50 yards out (rezzies?) but I forgot my imaginary casting abilities at home;). Saw a couple of gentle rises in shallower water that I could barely get near, but got no interest.

    Water was dead calm, no noticeable wind and the sky brightened up fairly early. Clean water, hardly any leaves or lettuce.

    Plan on hitting this water as many mornings as possible this week. Good incoming tide and low wind forecasts. If nothing else it's close and I can always use the casting practice. By the end of the week there should be enough available tide to make 2 passes. I'm thinking the Miyawaki and then a sculpin on a fast sink polyleader. Then I'm planning on trying the same thing next week for the AM outgoing tide, depending on the weather.

    Learning experience time!
  2. I had pretty good luck with the Miyawaki Popper last weekend on the outgoing from a HH to a LH, slow retrieve just enough to make a good V. I missed a lot of fish(or i should say they missed the popper) but hooked up with a couple good ones. I am probably going to try and make it back out this Friday and Saturday also, a little north and west of where you are fishing.
  3. Fish it at night with glow in the dark squid patterns. You might get hit by a blackmouth.
  4. maybe tie the poppers with a dropper hook to capitalize on short strikes and have a better hookup/land ratio?

  5. maybe, the hook is already set up like a stinger hook. A lot of times the fish miss it by quite a bit, you will get a boil a foot or so behind the fly and then they will charge it and knock it around a bit. Sometimes they blow it right out of the water.

    Its pretty exciting whether you hook up or not when they go after it, so I don't really mind to much.
  6. Now that sounds like a great idea!! I think I might go give it a try this winter and have a little fun!
  7. Only if you can avoid whatever security is at Titlow ;). City park that closes 30 minutes after sunset. Of course I didn't see anything on the sign about how EARLY they open! "Honest, officer. I'm not here LATE! I'm here EARLY!"
  8. Dennis:

    Thanks for the fishing report!

    I hope that you are right that there might be some resident coho there. The "gentle rises" could have been resident coho feeding on amphipods as they slowly "spin" on the water surface. It sure would be nice to have a good resident coho fisheries this winter. In couple of weeks I am going to be checking out some locations where resident coho can often be found.

  9. Caught one last year at Narrows Park. I've seen them there pretty often, usually about 20 feet beyond my casting range! :confused:
  10. TUESDAY FOLLOW-UP - Another nice day of casting practice. School of NMF (no middle finger) rezzies came through about 9AM. The ones I saw ran from about 10 inches to about 16. Once again, out near the kelp, but a few came into range of my best cast on a perfect day with my longest casting rod... none of which applied today.

    Oh well, I saw fish! We'll see how tomorrow goes since I should be there right through the middle of the tidal flow.
  11. Is this advise based on experience DB? Sounds like it could be fun!
  12. The famous WFF member RedFive blogged about south Sound night fishing with glow in the dark flies in Dec 2006. From his many salmon photos it looked like a ton of fun (resident silvers, blackmouth, and a chum). I haven't tried night fishing at Titlow myself yet. Lots of squid in the winter months make good salmon food.
  13. That sounds like a pretty awesome adventure. Matt let's pull a Kitsap gang all nighter sometime.
  14. I'm in if anyone else ever is. I tied up some glow in the dark clousers a while back. Let's get after it.

    This link will give you an idea of MA-13 south Sound winter night fishing for salmon (at its best). If the resident silver and blackmouth populations are decent this fall/winter it might be worth the effort (every year is different). The MA-13 winter resident silver salmon are not nearly as big as MA-9 summer/fall adult silvers but you can run into some bigger blackmouth that will bend your 6wt.
  16. Thanks Dime!! That really sounds like a blast.
  17. Yes!

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