fishing report for July 4 and 10

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Shawn West, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Shawn West

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    Both trips were to Spearfish Lake.

    July 4th - I got on the water about 0930. There was not much wind, so I tied a small popper to my 2wt and started casting towards the brush. I managed to get one strike in thirty minutes. It was not a large smallie, but it gave me a fairly good fight. I then switched to a beadhead Simiseal leech. It took me a little bit to figure out what the fish wanted, but when I did, fishing was pretty steady. I discovered that I got a lot more strikes if I let the fly sink without adding any extra movement to the fly. All I had to do was watch the end of my fly line. The line would take off to the left or right by about a foot or two when the smallies hit. I fished this way until the wind started to pick up.

    Most of the fish landed were in the 12" range. My largest was just over 16". I also managed to catch a 7" perch and 3 bluegills. The bluegills were staging right in front of my launch site. They appeared to be in a prespawn stage. There were a couple of nice sized gills, but they were not interested in what I was offering.

    The fishing slowed down when the wind picked up. I decided to switch to my 5wt with a sinking line. The fishing picked up again, but the bass preferred a very slooooooow retrieve. I finially got tired of fighting the wind and left the lake around 3pm. It had been a very good day on the water. I had landed 42 smallies as well as the perch and gills for the day. I took hwy14 back to Vancouver with the hope that maybe Rowland or Ashes would not be as windy...Yeah right!!!

    July 10 - I had spent the weekend in Boise. On the drive back, I stopped at the lake. The wind was blowing harder than what the weather report had showed, but I figured I would give it a try. This time I left the 2wt in its case. There was no way I could cast it with the gusting winds. I went with my 5wt with a full sink line. The fishing was slow at best. I managed to catch 9 smallies. Eight of them were less than 10". The lake decided to give me a gift before I left for home. I got a strike on my Simiseal leech and set the hook. It was obvious right away that this was not a 10" smallie. This fish had the tip of my rod dipping into the water. I ended up landing a 17" smallie. It was not the largest fish I had caught this year, but it definitely fought the hardest. I fished for another hour without so much as a little tug. It had already been a long day. It was time to head home.

    As a sidenote: the water temp was 68 degrees. I did not see the bluegills this time out. The water has risen about 6" in between these trips. I have flies to tie this weekend, but hope to make it out again the 23rd or 24th.

  2. Jay Burman

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    Great report. I'd like to give spearfish lake a try. Sounds like in worked pretty well for you. How are the weeds?
  3. Rob Allen

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    try paddeling across to the culvert climbing over the railroad tracks and fishing the columbia there...
  4. Shawn West

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    The weeds are not really an issue right now. I would love to fish the Columbia there, but climbing over the railroad tracks is not an option for me. If I understand correctly, it is illegal to be walking/crossing the tracks. I see a lot of kids walking along the tracks, but I have also watched the Sheriff chase them down. I should probably look for some alternative access nearby. Jay, pm me if you decide to go to Spearfish. Maybe I can meet you out there.
  5. Jay Burman

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    Bugtyer, I would really like to give Spearfish a try. Maybe eary to mid-next week. I would let you know by PM but I'm not sure how to do that.
  6. Shawn West

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    Jay, click on the name of the person you want to pm. Select PM and type your message. It is that easy. BTW, I sent you a PM.