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  1. Today was pretty darn perfect. I met my fishing partner, JC, at my house around 8 am. We loaded up his boat in my truck and then my new pontoon on top of his boat. Loaded up the other stuff, invited him in the house for a warm cup of Joe, showed him my fly tying area, and we headed out. Took the quick ferry over and got to the lake at 9 am. Took me a little while to get the new pontoon togother. Hooking up the seat and saddle bags took me a little while.

    But I got the boat together and I was finally on the water.

    I caught one nice fish on my sinking line and some hits too. The trout has some fight in him. I decided to switch lines. The type 6 is toooo much for me to handle. So I switched out. Anyone watching me would have laughed their ass off becuase I switched out while I was still on the pontoon. I had to take the rod apart and thread the line through each section. Lol. It was fuuunnnyy.

    The day was just perfect. JC and I went in and met up with Mary and Mumbles. It was great to see both of them. Mary took my new pontoon out for a spin and we shared hot coffee and snacks.

    JC and I went back out and stayed out until dark. Loading up the boats and stuff in the dark is somewhat tricky. Need a light! :)

    It was a great day. I learned a lot but now I would like to learn more about my fly line, how to work the bank without getting hung up and still need to figute out the seat thang.

    Here are two pictures. First one is of my new pontoon and the next is of my trout.
  2. Very nice on both accounts/pictures Chef! Had Mumbles not been there, you would have caught even more fish. Just kidding Ed!

    Sorry I missed you and your fishy friends. There was a chance mrcoachman and I might have been there, but I was sidetracked today. Sounds like all you folks had a great time!
  3. Dude,
    Glad you all had a great day and that Lone wasn't lonely.
    Nice fish too! It's coming together for you man.
    Fished with a couple of buddies, caught a nice fish, met a pretty girl...geez, beats the heck out of my day.
  4. congrats on a nice day with a nice fish. Very much an inspiring post.
    thank you.
  5. Nice report, man.
  6. Sounds like a great day Chef. It's great to read reports by such an enthusiastic angler!

    However, Mary and Mumbles? Uh, better keep that one quiet as that is not his wife's name, LOL!
  7. I use the Rio DC type 6, have used in shallow waters, just remmeber what the sink rate is, use a count down method then start your retrieve.
  8. That is a nice pontoon, chef! I want one...

    I only had 2 hours on the water, but was 2 for 2, a 16" & 17" in the first 30 minutes! nothing after that but a cold rear end and chilly toes. (this is why I 'need' to add a pontoon to my collection)

    Thanks for the coffee and fish talk, guys...
  9. Sounds great Chef pictures also, Keep it up
  10. Chef, great report. Glad you got out. (Mumbles asked me to join you guys, but I had other commitments.)

    I'd really like to see that pontoon of yours. I'm in the market for something like that.

  11. Chef,
    Wish I would have taken your advice and told work how sick I really was... Great report and good to hear a report from Lone Lake.

    Did you notice the newish kiosks? (One at entrace and one near launch) Evergreen and Whidbey clubs put those up this fall. Spruce the place up!

    Happy New Year!
  12. Chef sorry I missed it sounds like a great time with good company that new toon is sweet.
  13. Chef, great plan today. My day fishing started after a lazy breakfast with the girls, my agreement with my wife to feed the children before heading off. (Tomorrow I'm fishing with another friend and that was her only request for the back to back days...I can live with that) I then took a 75 minute drive to PT, ferry to Keystone and then the drive to Lone Lake. I did not get to the parking area until about 12:30 and was greeted there by my pal Islander. You see, Steve knew I was going and despite his busy schedule today he wanted to point out a few spots for me to concentrate on...and he did...and share with me a few of his flies that he regularly uses to success...which he did. Now, if you have a guy, a local guy that fishes here his fair share show up and point out a few places and hand you a few flies what would you do? Follow his directions and fish those flies. I caught five nice rainbows today, four on Steve's flies. The largest was the first, a fat and feisty 18" beauty on the red head secret fly. One other about 16" on the same fly and then two on the camo carey special that he has tied in a swap or two. Smallest fish of the day was 14" and also fat, strong and healthy. A 15" fish came on one of my streamers...a sculpzilla cone favorite of late. That fish had some discarded line wrapped around him, three or four wraps, and he must have grown some because the line was really grooved into him and he had lost some scales. A quick snip snip and he was free of his constraint and my fly, off to swim and feed some more.

    It was good to briefly chat with Miss Mary as I kicked on by. She reported two nice fish to hand early in her outing and had a very big smile when talking about them. I saw Chef's buddy JC, but that guy was busy working his magic. I think he brought a lot of fish to hand.

    Weather was great, I arrived to clearing skies, sunbreaks, eagles, ducks, fish rising...yes, fish rising I said (but none taking in my brief dry offering). Just a great day to be on the water. Whidbey is a tough place to reach by bridge, boat and drive. Lone was nice and made the day worth it. I was paranoid of making the trip only to get skunked, but Islander tipped me off well enough to keep that out of the equasion. Water temp was about 45 degrees, the fish had lots of fight when you found them and I too fished until dark. I finished packing up the water master as Chef pulled up to the ramp to take out. Did I say it was a great day?

    Off to some flowing water tomorrow. Fishing with my pal Rob Ast. I know the day will be fun. I'm hoping the day will be fishy too.

    (Disclaimer: Next time I go all the way to Whidbey Island, I'm going with the intent to add another species to my "I've touched that" list...I know you know what I mean Ford, Zane, Islander...even if the drive is a bit longer. I'm thinking I'll take any summer time intel about camping so that I can get the family there to get me some more time on the water with less driving back and forth.)

    Thanks for the invite Chef. Keep me in mind for more of your adventures.
  14. Nice report Ed! It was truely great to share water with some darn good friends... you, Mary, and JC. Sorry Islander that I missed you. I must have been around the bend.

    Ed: What size was that lady in red? I tried Islanders Camo Carry with no luck. Actually wait... I think it was my carry I tied :( I should have used his! :)
  15. I would have loved to join the party and meet all you folks, but was out of town the last few days. I am planning to head to Lone Thursday morning to try out my new pontoon. Its predicted to be a sunny, cool day. Should be nice if the wind's not howling. It would be great to have some company! I'll be in the gray Buck's Bag River Ghost. Hope to see some of you there.
  16. Steve, we need to hear more about your red head 'secret' fly!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

  17. Mumbles:

    I call bull on Steve making time in his busy schedule. Since he ain't working, it was likely a shooting trip, hunting trip or travel trailer trip that he had to put off for a bit. He just had to work you into the schedule.

    Sounds like you guys had a good day. That camo fly can be magic. Wish I could make it over / up there more often. It is a long day for the guy from the south end.

  18. Cool outing guys and gal. Me I didn't make it in from prior days outing with my bro, disc golfing, firing range, video gaming and poker until 5:00 AM so, Chef I didn't make it out. Wish I had though, I would have loved to meet everyone. I will fish with you all soon. Islander I'm sure I've fished with you at least once, Dry Falls outing a few years back? And as often as I've fished Lone, I'm sure I've seen you out there. Mumbles, a missed opportunity for me, next time or the time after that or...

  19. Sounds like it was a damn good day to be out there with friends :D , been dying to test out my pontoon float...same basic shape as Chef's but green and orange without the oars. If budget and weather permits...maybe I can get out sometime this weekend to Lone. Happy to hear there are some good results with the fishing there, and hope to hook into at least one soon! Fantastic report from everyone, keep them coming!


    Will R. Everett, WA.
  20. It's no secret....

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