Fishing reports-Dry Falls, Lenice, Nunally

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jerry Arlington, May 19, 2004.

  1. Jerry Arlington Member

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    Dry Falls.

    Fished Friday and Saturday. Really slow on Friday but beautifly weather. Caught 3 fish, one of each, tiger,rainbow, brown. Brown was 23 inches and really a deep heavy fish, I guess about 5-5.5 pounds. Blood worm. 16#

    Saturday, more fish moving but still hard to catch. Caught 4 fish on four different flies, two on drys , PMD, parachute emerger black chroimid body, two on wets, chronimid, white bead head, black and silver body, 18#, blood worm 16#. All three species again.

    Anyone know what the ratio of the fish species is? I saw mostly brown trout cruising and rising.

    How was anyone elses weekend?

  2. alpinetrout Banned or Parked

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    Dry Falls is stocked with roughly 10 rainbows per 1 brown and 1 tiger.
  3. Steelie L Member

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    Any damsel activity on Dry Falls?
  4. Jerry Arlington Member

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    Saturday, they appeared to be jumping at flying adults and I tried a blue damsel dry but no results. I talked to several people that were having about the same luck as I was, A few fish but nothing special was working any better than another.

    One fellow said he had caught two fish on a red eyed damsel nymph, which I also tried with no luck. There were some fish that were jumping right in the reeds. Fellow said they were taking hatching damsels off the stakes of the tules.

    Hope this helps. Had a great two days fishing but didn't catch a lot of fish. Fish were extremely bright and healthy. The browns and tigers were beautiful but don't fight like the rainbows.
  5. Donald Johnson cuttman

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    Fished Nunnally Friday and Saturday. Perfect weather (little wind). Had one of my best two days ever there.
    Mostly on c-mids (olive predominant color). Fish were also on mayfly spinners and damsel adults. Best fish: 24"rainbow (lake-run steelhead) and 22" brown
  6. Wayne Jordan Active Member

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    Thanks for the reports guys, I'll be over that way next week.:thumb