Fishing season end?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Vic_sea, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. My favourite Green river closing 03/15 :-(
    and other relatively close places like Sky and Stilly closed too
    Lakes? I don't know 'em good and don't have float tube or boat
    Where else to go or don't bother fishing till summer opening?
  2. You might try Deep Lake up by Kanasket Palmer Green River area it will get 3,900 fish planted in April and has plenty of shore areas to fish from. Lake plant reports are avail at the WDFW site that can be gotten to from this web site. The planted fish will mostly stay in shallow water close to shore or shallow for the first few weeks after they are planted and are not picky about what they eat. After that some type of boat or float tube is a good investment because many lakes do not have much shore area to fish from. I myself use a kayak they sell new for between $200-350 dollars. This small investment has allowed me to fish all kinds of lakes including: Walker, Desire, Fennewick, Lake 12 and many more. Once you get some type of floating unit explore for new lakes by looking at a map and finding new lakes it is half the fun of fishing for me the exploring of new areas. Make sure to check your reg book to make sure the lake you plan to fish is open.
  3. The Sauk and the Skagit are still open and so are the rivers down south. It's rough to live close to a river that has fish in it but you can't fish it. I live a hop,skip,and a jump from the Stilly,Sky,Snoqualmie. But I have to go to the Sauk or Skagit if I want to fish. A hour drive for one and add a half and hour for the other one. But since the weather sucks I will just stay home and play with my computer. Jim S.
  4. I checked pamphlet more carefully. Sauk still opened for C&R
    but you're right weather sucks

    btw there is noticed sockeye salmon fishery on Skagit near Baker river
    is it really holds catchable numbers of sockeyes?
  5. Never fished for salmon in the Skagit. And yes it is open also until 4-30-02 for C&R.

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