Fishing Shrimp Patterns

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by cmtundra, Jun 14, 2005.

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    sd, here is the trick. Thake a net with you and scoop a couple hundred of the little buggers up. Often the ones I find at night are up to 2 inches long and plenty fat. Then when you get home steam them in beer and pour on a little lemon butter. Push the plate at the in-laws and they really won't care what you've been up to.
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    This is the wonderful thing about fishing the salt; it's an almost totally unexplored field. I think I've seen more genuinely innovative and imaginative patterns in the last couple of years than in the entire length of time I've been fishing the beaches. As more people take up fishing for salmon and sea-run cutthroat in salt water and, more important, observing what's going on around them, I expect to see more and more effective patterns developed.
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    So true Preston.

    UJ, good idea, I'll just tell them that it's my night job! Somebody's gotta do it!! :cool: