Fishing the Beckler River

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Scaryfisher, Jun 7, 2001.

  1. A friend and I went to the Beckler river on Sunday 03June01 Drove and hiked a good portion of the river, it seemed pretty baron not allot of food and such. We tried it anyways only one rainbow produced in 4 hours. Has anyone fished this river since it has opened? And how did you do?
  2. I haven't fished it since last year. But I've had better luck on the lower end. If you drove up to the second bridge. That's where it croses the Rapid River. Take that road, there are several bridges on it. It is good fishing also. Lots of pocket water. Haven't been there yet,but will make it soon. Jim So much water---so little time
  3. When I was up there I didnt see much in the way of food. Some minnows but really didnt see any hatches.. What about up around jacks pass and further up the road?
  4. If you go up over Jacks Pass you will be on the N/Fork of the Sky. Which is closed in that area. It is closed from Bear Creek Falls to Deer Falls. I've never found Deer Falls on any map. If you look in the trees along side the road in that area you will see closed signs.

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