Fishing the bottom.

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Dustin Bise, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. oh and i was thinking about making my own deep water line, a lead based casting tip + 20 feet of type 3 + backing. think a setup line this would reach bottom given the time and slack?
  2. Dustin,

    T14 is a line with tungsten powder in the coating, it sinks at 14 inches per second. I marked mine with a white Dacron uni knot coated with super glue at every five feet. So basically it hangs straight down in the water column. I watch the fish finder to see where the kokes are at what depth and adjust the line to match that depth. Use a little red, white fly that they enjoy.

  3. and what is wrong with an ethics thread?

  5. Here's that T-14 line at Cabela's. It's actually pretty inexpensive. Although, the stuff I linked says it only sinks 8"-9" per second... which is still fast as hell, but is contrary to the 14 ips Daryle spoke of so it may not be the same line he's talking about.

    By the way, it's tungsten powder extruded as an additive in the fly line coating, not tungsten coated. That'd be one shiny bad ass looking fly line, though. =P
  6. Think he meant 14 grains per foot of T-14. 12 feet would be 168 grains. 15 feet would weigh 210 grains, etc.
    Entire 30 feet weighs 420 grains.

    Have fun figuring out what lengths you want to cut it.
  7. That's what I meant Jim, sometimes this old brain and typing fingers aren't in sync, anyway the line sinks like a rock.


  8. If you are going to use this line, why not just buy tungsten trolling line and use it. That seems to be just as much fly fishing as anything else.?

  9. wow im sorry i forgot that other kinds of fly fishing were banned here. I still want to pretend to cast the stuff. :beathead:
  10. Back in the Seventies we attached weighted trolling line to our fly line so we could get down quicker for steelhead, also worked great for trolling until we had sinking tip lines, etc. But I want you to know: That stuff was very hard to cast! But I did catch lots of trout trolling with that stuff.

    I wonder how that: RIO® T-14™ Super Fast Sinking Fly Line casts? I hope it does better than the stuff we created back in the seventies.

  11. It doesn't cast worth a shit (huck and duck) but it does catch the kokes. Trying to figure it out for my Mingo (patent pending) stealth rod for the upcoming trip to the Med, maybe a lighter line ehh, Mingo.

  12. If you are dredging for trout why not just buy some trolling line and put on an extra spool of your fly reel and go deep? :hmmm:

  13. Don't think tungsten trolling line is considered a fly line and like I said I'm fishing for Kokanee 40 to 70 feet deep.


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