Fishing the Chum Turd?

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  1. How is this fly fished?
  2. In the water normally attached to mono or flouralcarbon
  3. Aye, this could be the third turds wurd on the turd. If I were Irish it'd be the turd turds wurd on the turd. What is this fly?

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  4. The turd performed quite well for me and some of the guys I chased chum with this past fall. I found most success when casting to schools of fish...cast ahead to intercept the fish, and then an ultra slow retrieve as they drew near would often draw a strike.

    Played around a lot with colors. Personally I had my best results with a purple tail, chartreuse body, and a cerise head.

    Hope this helps a bit.
  5. sheesh! Since it's a turd, I figured it would be brown, not purple and chartreuse!
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  6. I had similar assumptions, Alex. It wasn't until Stonefish was kind enough to suggest experimenting with these and other colors that I was successful with it.

  7. I've a dumb Q since I looked it up and found the tying of a chartruese chum turd, BTW should it be shatruese for a turd? Anyway, is the 'head' by the bead chain eyes towards the tail or by the hook eye? I doubt it matters too much and I should expt regardless. There's still plenty of time to tie up a decent variety of flies. A great tie in terms of simplicity, even easier than a clouser and definitely 'fishy', well pedantically speaking really 'shrimpy' looking.



    PS FYI Alex, in a past life I used to diagnose diarrheal diseases in a clinical laboratory, you would not believe the color spectrum of turd specimens I processed, bright orange to fluoro green, I shit you not :) Made me wonder what the hell some folks were eating. Definitely work not to be done with a bad hangover; we used to get sent stuff in safeway bags, jam jars you name it, some were truly disgusting :eek:
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  8. Purple tail, cerise body and green head turd. All I know is that shit works.
    Fish it on a floater or slow sink intermediate with a long leader and slow strip.
    There are going to be lots of great salt fish to catch this summer before you'll need to break out the chumlie turds.
  9. No shit, indeed it has been proven many times. Thanks Stonefish, fine and far off, low(ish) and slow, sounds like a good plan to get started. I'm thinking pinks, slivers then chumlies; I'm sure there's a multiturde of variants for all these species. I don't have that much time to tie so bashing out simple patterns is what I'm after. That said, so many good salt patterns are simple ties, Leland's popper is about as intricate as I will go. A spectacular fly to fish or a fly to fish with often spectacular action. Roll on July and beyond. I can't wait! :)


  10. Dave, you just imparted an entirely new meaning to the phrase "fecal 'color'-form":D!
  11. :) You guys crack me up but seriously, it's designed after a bonefish fly called a turd. It works in pink for the pink salmon too.
  12. SHART-reuse makes perfect sense
  13. Thanks Nick, that does help. I suspected the fly should be fished slow, similar to the way the original bonefish pattern is fished.
    Stonefish, thank you for the color information. I’ll tie a few to use on my next trip to Tacoma.
  14. Dave, did you mean "Leland's pooper?"
  15. I think I have to fart.
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  16. Don't even bother. That fly is a total piece of shit
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  17. Feed a chum crayons.... (worked for my Labs anyway :rolleyes: )
    I would guess trolled very very slowly.
  18. You guys have inspired me to hit the bench and tye a sharting turd:)). I like the purple and chartruese, I've had success with blue with chatreuse, cerise and charteuse, white and chartreuse. Any thoughts on the colors for the sharting turd.
  19. We've tied and sold these flies at the shop for over 8 years:

    The Chum Turd and it's sister, the Pink Turd, are fished exactly the same - on a floating line with a 9' 0X tapered leader or an intermediate sink line with a 4 or 5 foot piece straight of straight 12lb leader - with a long cast setting up a swing and long slow retrieves.

    Both flies are on #6 Mustad 3407 or 34007 hooks. Both flies are tied exactly the same except the Chum Turd is chartreuse and the Pink Turd is pink.

    Another adapted fly is the Chum Comet and the Pink Comet (the Comet is an old tried and true Northern California steelhead fly). They are also tied on the same Mustad hooks and are also chartreuse and pink.

    Damn simple stuff!

  20. Thanks for the good answer

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