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  1. I'm heading to Leavenworth for a Memorial Day camping trip this year and was hoping to try my luck with some fly fishing on the Icicle. Does anybody have any advice (location, flies, etc...)? I'm not looking to hook a monster, but a few small trout would be fun.

    Are there any other good fly fishing streams or lakes around Leavenworth?
  2. The Icicle can be a fun one, while I've spent most of my time targeting Spring Chinook lower in the river at that time, I would be concerned about high water due to heavy snowmelt... might want to search around for a nice lake nearby, good luck out there!
  3. The Icicle and other area creeks are not usually fishable because of runoff until some time in July and some area creeks are never open for fishing per the regs. How far are you willing to drive to fish? You could fish the Yakima or even Rocky Ford. The closest good lake would be Fish Lake, but it can be difficult to fish from shore. I would bring a pontoon or float tube or rent a boat from the Cove Resort.

    You could try your luck at Lake Wenatchee but it does not receive trout plants and is therefore not known as a trout lake. However, you could also do a short hike in to Hidden Lake.|86|199|214
  4. According to the new regs the icicle is open the Saturday before Memorial day , but It will probably be high with runoff as Freestone
    Kelly Michelsen
  5. with the warm weather, runoff is increasing proportionally. Don't expect to be able to wade, there's no room for a backcast from shore and the water will be too cold and fast for any decent fishing. Fish Lake is pretty much our only option for awhile here.
  6. There are always the Basin lakes or the lakes at the Quincey Wildlife Area...

  7. Thanks for all the great advice! I usually plunk for spring Chinook, but was hoping to change things up this year. Maybe I will give hidden lake a try???

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