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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tony, May 24, 2012.

  1. Tony

    Tony Left handed Gemini.

    Excellent day to get out and fish, arrived at the lake about 8am one gear guy and that was it and he left before I ever got ready a little later one guy showed up and that was it till the afternoon when a couple of guys showed up total bodies on the water at one time 3 very nice. Fish were rising and willing started with a soft hackle black silver rib caught a bunch on that but it didn't last long tried a few other colors caught fish but mostly because of movement I think, the fish were feeding close to the surface and I caught more on other patterns as I tried to find what they were keying in on but once again it was the whole movement thing nothing I tried was consistent until I tried a choronomid emerger pattern, that gave me a good hour of steady action with a fish on as quick as I could hook, play, land, and recast but it was only an hour but it was the best hour of the day, I put on my sinking line and a small leech pattern caught a few more before leaving satisfied with the fish I caught, most were larger holdovers I caught quite a few fish but I never managed to figure out what they were keying in on except for that one hour so it's back to the bench to tie up a few patterns that I think might work if the circumstances hold for yet another week, we'll see

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