Fishing tomarrow on the cowlitz any advice

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ryan Couch, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I will be heading to the Cowlitz river tomorrow any advice on what to use? I cant wait to land my first big fish on a fly pole and any advice would be great I have a 8 weight rod and probably running 10lb test for leader. Thank you all that respond.
  2. some advice would be to understand that you may not hook up with some big fish tomorrow
  3. HI Ryan,

    I used to gear fish the Cowlitz from my drift boat.

    We used to see a fly guide or two on the river with clients. They always seemed to have clients in broken water knee deep to waist deep flowing at speeds no faster than a walk. I have never tried it on the fly and would love to hear how your day went.

    Best advice to actually catch a steely - hire a guide. Oh yeh, we fly fish with rods and bait fish with poles. No big deal, I was a newbie at one time and called my "rod" a "pole." Welcome to the forum and we look forward to a report. We all like hearing newbie stories because most of us were newbies at one time and we remember the steep learning curve for fly fishing.
  4. Most reports suggest that this is the worst Cowlitz summer steelhead return in years, if not ever since the program began. One report I heard indicated it has gotten good. I may try it there myself this weekend, but mainly because I want to get some break in hours on my new outboard.

    Oh, and poles are for stringing electrical wires on. Rods are generally used for fishing. 8 wt is good. 10# leader should be good. I assume you have a boat because the Cowlitz is rather poor for bank access.

  5. The guys plunking the lower Columbia are starting to pick up a lot of fish, so hopefully that means the lower tribs will finally fill up. Been a terrible year period.
  6. Been getting progressively depressed that I may not get to enjoy my Columbia trib fall routine.

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