WTB Fishpond Tomahawk Fly Tying Kit Bag

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Ryan Higgins, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Looking to buy one of these bags. Post or message if you have one and a price. Thanks!
  2. Ryan,

    How big of a Fly Tying Kit Bag are you looking for? I have a old Outfitters bag that is about 23" by 13" by 7" with a variety of pockets, bags, and pouches that was designed for a fly tying kit. It doesn't have all the goodies in it any more, but I'll let it go for a song and a dance.
  3. Do you have any pictures?
  4. Ryan,

    Thanks for your patience. Took me till this evening to get a a few pictures of the bag.

    Since it's got some pieces missing, I'll let it go at 50 bucks.



  5. Thanks.

    I'm going to keep looking for a tomahawk, but I'll keep this one in mind.
  6. Not a problem -
  7. Still looking

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