Fixing a fighting butt...

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by whalenblue, Sep 5, 2013.

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    For starters... i am not a rod builder. But when in doubt, go to those that are!

    Got a great deal on a 7wt Loomis NRX. One reason for the deal was the damage to the grip (minor, probably just fill) and fighting butt (major, needs replaced).

    Can you share some recommendations on who does this kind of repair?

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    That is funny.....I watched it the whole time and almost bid on it. Nice pick up.

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    For the handle you could try pit paste
    You could also get some cork, grind it up and mix with titebond III and fill. For something that large you will see the patch but will be much better than a big hole. Which ever you do take a piece of 220 and sand, make sure to rotate wo you do not get a flat spot. Then finish with 400 or 600.

    For the fitting butt just cut it off there should be a metal post under. If I is removable it might screw off? Get another preform but in the shape size that will fit and epoxy it on. You will want something like denatured alcohol to clean up the extra.

    If you have a local rod builder I doubt they would charge you much to repair, might be cheaper in the long run.
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    Thanks LD. Doesn't sound as bad as I thought.
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    Turns out one of the guys that is a rod builder and one of RodDancer's vendors is right here in Raleigh. Plan is coming together ;)
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    Most fighting butts screw off or pull off with a rubber o ring. You can buy replacements.