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  1. To all,
    I am headed to the Bahamas for a week of bonefishing in November. I want to get a pair of flats boots, but have no idea which ones to use. I was hoping if the members who have done this could lead me in the right direction.

  2. forget expensive flats boots. Such a waste of money

    Get these. I spend a LOT of time wading stingray infested surf zones, on the decks of boats etc, and these shoes have the BEST grip around. Theyre lightweight ( total bonus) they dry basically instantly ( total bonus) and are about 1/2 or less what wading boots cost :)

    I took mine to Belize, no problems at all.
  3. the insole is waterproof rubber stuff, the outer is some type of canvas

    If youre going to be on a boat AT ALL- you will love me for how well these soles grip a wet deck
  4. Why not high top Converse?
  5. I like chuck taylors ok- the soles on those Reeefs has the best boat deck traction ive found though. The soles are also a bit thicker, and theres actually a removable insole ( albeit a thin one)
  6. In the Bahamas, when you are fishing from the boat, you will NOT want to wear shoes. They will make too much noise. Bare foot, or stocking feet, are the way to go on the boat.

    Given that, I would recommend something a little different. Here is one that is not very expensive, and gets great reviews:
  7. I went barefoot when going in and out of the boat on Long Island with the guide
    He knew the different sink rates of the flats
    I wore clunky boots when I fished by my self
    Once I Learned some small flats I'd go bare foot
    You are way more stealthy
    Blue herons don't wear boots
    Having said that I got a staph infection in belize
  8. Oh! No barefoot wading on the flats!!

    I waded barefoot in the Cayman Islands and stepped on a fire worm the 1st day. I ended up getting blood poisoning!! No fun.

    You NEED foot protection- you just don't need big ass wading boots
  9. One thing that is important for wading is to have a way of minimizing the sand that gets around your feet if you are wearing shoes. Over several days of flats fishing the sand can cause problems such as abrasions etc. i wear a Simms flats boot (others are made by Orvis Patagonia and prob other companies.) I wear a wading sock against my skin and then put on a neoprene sock over that. I then fold the wading dock down over the neoprene sock and cover the eyes and shoestrings on the boots. This works to keep most of the sand out. Anil at Puget sound fly co told me about this and it works well. Hope this helps. Mike
  10. don't you like something a little higher - like a high top shoe? I've waded some pretty sticky flats - those shoes would come off
  11. Not to be defensive but here are two barefoot dudes on a Bahamas flat
    Happy as clams
    Maybe I have hippie/hobbit feet image.jpg
  12. some flats are hard - others soft
    I have waded flats that were 8 inches of goo with sharp as hell shell fragments throughout
    These would shred your feet - even a hobbit's feet
  13. Totally true Jamie
    I was reacting to stilly's blanket statement
    I stepped into a anaerobic black hole that was sharp and stinky
    When I wore boots it was with the complete Simms sock system
    Most shoes would be pulled off in the holes
  14. I've waded flats all over- I guess when the bottom got that soft- I didn't wade it anymore. No I've never lost these shoes- the flats on the west side of ambergris caye are sticky and muddy- to my ankle- but the shoes stayed on no problem.

    In the Bahamas where I was the flats were hard white sand. Easiest flats ever.
    I still wouldn't wade barefoot anymore. Living down here has me stingray paranoid.
  15. we would go on and off with the boots - and not wear them in the Panga
  16. Hey Stilly
    On a side note will yellow tail eat a fly?
    My buddy got a new skiff in del mar and is fired up
  17. Thank you for all the info mr Stalker

    I need to get there
    I just finished the interior of a seiner that's scooping squid off Monterey right now
    I know that's pretty far north for mid season
    Crazy warm water temps
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  18. hard soled neoprene dive booty's ...........solve two problems assuming you might also want to do some underwater sight seeing between fishing times....
  19. The guy on the left is Peter Burroughs, an umpteenth generation Bahamian. He can walk on razor blades and may not even OWN shoes. Kids, don't try this yourselves.

    Seriously, in the Bahamas, some guys can barefoot it, but on pure coral flats like Christmas, even they guides wear those dumb boots.
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