Flats boots for big feet?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by mdjm66, Jan 21, 2013.

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    I take at least a size 14 and my local shop only carries Simms, they brought me in some simms zipit bootie II, but, just a tad too small.

    What other manufacturers carry a similar product or flats boots?

    If I cant find my size, what other options would work for walking the flats?


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    Patagonia makes a 14 but they are like 150 bucks, just buy a good pair of neoprene socks and wear your regular boots(if they are not felt)? or if you are only going for a week just a pair of old tennis shoes?
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    For the salt, I usually just go to the Big 5 Sports or any other type of big box sports store with my neoprene socks and try on their cheap $20-$50 'hiking' boots.
    If they fall apart after a few years, well, no tears. I've had the same ones for three years now and I paid $20 for them. I ended up buying two pairs because I expected them to be POS and to fall apart, but I'm still on the first pair three years later...
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    Thanks for all of the help, I have a few options now!
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    well, I think I found a solution, not really fashionable for the beach in the tropics, but, these boots look bulletproof and will be great for summer fishing as well:


    After rolling a few ankles the past few years playing basketball, these will probably help with the stability as well.
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