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Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Nate Newman, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. The lake that I live on has a lot of carp that wander around my favorite fishing spot. The carp there get to be about 15 to 20 pounds from the looks of them. I was wonder what kind of flies I should use to catch them because they never give any of mine a passing glance. Also they aren't extremely skiddish and they sometimes come within 5 feet of me when I wading.


  2. Yea buddy, that is what I like to hear. I have heard about big carp in Greenlake, but have yet to fish for them. I know of guys that catch them on large nymph patterns, wolly worms and a bonefish fly that works well for the Golden Bones(Carp) here in Wa. Hit me up for the pattern if you tie. Many simple flies work well, such as olive Bitch Creeks, Girdle Bug and a host of others. The trick is to put it right in front of a cruising carp and hope it gets sipped. GL and hope this helps!!!
  3. San Juan worm and a lead eye wooley worm has worked for me. I hit a few fatties today on a juan.
  4. Muddler Minnow #8!!! The best for those pigs!
  5. For carp? I think you must be jerking our chain, you silly boy. :p Stick with something that looks nymphy.
  6. ceviche, you're an ignorant...try it!! Then talk. Muddler Minnow is the most versatile fly. Also close to the bottom and I caught many big carp with it...
  7. Hey i just got back from the lake and caught 3 good size carp.I'd say 15-25 lbs. i caught them all on a black bead head wooley bugger size 10. <*(())< tight lines 'n good luck
  8. Thanks for the advice. :beer2:
  9. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Okay! :thumb: A couple of #8 Muddlers will go into my up-and-coming carp fly box. Thanks for the unorthodox advice. :beer2: I only thought you had to have been joking, because I associate the Muddler Minnow with sculpins and such. There are sculpins in Seattle's Green Lake, so it now seems like an interesting angle to investigate. Thanks again!
  10. Are you guys for real!!!!!??? Carp in Green Lake? I was born an raised in Seattle, (Although West Seattle), and I never heard about Carp in Green Lake. I used to live in Wallingford and in my younger "stud" days I used to work-out and sun myself at Green Lake. I took fly casting lessons there. I just read an article recently about fly fishing for carp. I'm going to try and locate it and pass on any original information. The author said they fight like hell and are rod breakers. I didn't pay much attention to it because I didn't think there was any waters with carp in them near me. In addition, I've eaten carp and grew to hate it.
    I lived in eastern Europe for a few years and the area I lived in was known for its carp dishes. (I don't know why. Like I said, I hated the fish because they were so bony and the Yugoslav's tended to cook the things to mush.) Give me a trout or salmon any day.
    What weight rod should I use? Any other advise besides what I've seen posted you could give me would be greatly appreciated.:)
  11. if you really want to clear the carp from a lake (hey, they are invasive and i personally hate them, i have fished for them just so people cant tell me that i cant talk until i do), but if you really want to hook into them quick, i know this is a fly fishing forum but just get some spinning gear and put a thick mix of corn meal/flour/vanilla/sugar/water on a trebel hook and fish that on the bottom. on faol site there is a fly listed for carp that mimics the cottonwood seed with white marabou. but if anybody wants some carp, please, just come over to the tri cities and have at it, fish them out, please.
  12. Just toss out a claret san jaun.
  13. i wasnt kidding about coming over to the tri cities and fishing them out though, almost anywhere you can get to the water there is alot of carp nearby. one time on bateman island when i was fishing for bass, recent rain caused a very shallow (maybe a foot deep) pond, there were hundreds of carp in there and alot of europeans just wading through pulling them out, its not hard to fish for them and you efforts against them would be much welcome over here.
  14. Best fly for me on the Columbia is a purple mulberry fly with a little bit of green thread for a stem. Every carp in that river during early summer eats that shit!!

  15. ive been fishing them for years now. though never with a fly. i have caught them up to 38lbs out of green lake. though 90% of what i have caught are around 10lbs. and all i use for bait is corn.

    i would sure love to catch them on a fly. but its risky with all the people walking behind oyu at all times. being most of the water the carp hang out in is right along shore and the walking path being with in 5ft of the lake.

    check around the swimming area, and duck island those are good areas in may and june
  16. A noob on the board. I'm a little late on this thread here, but here's what I threw exclusively to river and reservoir carp this past season. Both produced equally as well.

    Carp Slider....kind of a Carp Toad type fly

    And this is a bug I roll up that I call The ZZ Top Carp Bug
  17. You might try one of A.J's loogies:

  18. red thread wrapped around a scud hook with a small poof of red marabou off the back. if u want to go super tech u could use larva lace.
  19. Here's my experience:
    General streamers work pretty well. Clouser's are fantastic because you can sloooow retrieve it across the bottom and worry less about snags. Dark bunny leaches can work well also.

    While I have had hookups with drifted nymphs, tightline techniques are much more productive. The takes can be extremely subtle, and if you feel the slightest bump, be prepared.

    PBs ZZ Top Carp bug looks extremely similar to one of the good producers - we use more legs and no eyes:)

    Good luck in your hunt, it's addictive!

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