flies for panfish ?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Stefan Elliott, May 22, 2007.

  1. Stefan Elliott

    Stefan Elliott New Member

    i'd just thought i'd ask here what are some good flies for panfish ? , i have 3 little panfish poppers in chartruse/ white , black/red/white , and white/red, they are pretty small and i'm sure they would work for bass , i'm planning on trying some on friday , (saw lots of fish rising in the shallows and jumping clear out of the water) , so i'm re-spooling my line with some SA concept in either WF or F(no taper) , which ever Joe's has , so what are some good flies i could use besides the poppers ?
  2. Jake Bannon

    Jake Bannon nymphs for steelhead....

    Small damsels work well or so Ive heard and I have had some luck on small black wooly buggers.
  3. Kevin J. Burnham

    Kevin J. Burnham Active Member

    Small Crazy Charlies. Don't matter what color for the most part. I use whatever I have around. 2 weeks ago I used pearl & lime green and caught a bunch of crappie,big perch & blue gill.
  4. BDD

    BDD Active Member

    I have done well on bluegill and pumpkinseed recently using small cork poppers in chartruse, black and yellow. If you drop underneath you may catch crappie but I prefer staying on top. Sounds like you already have the stuff. Take some larger ones and try for bass holding in the shallows.

    But I'm still a trout/steelhead guy by heart.
  5. Stefan Elliott

    Stefan Elliott New Member

    so you've caught panfish on poppers already ? i have a couple and plan on going to Joe's tonight to get some more poppers and fly and some fly line , a couple bass jigs too (i still like to bait fish :) )
  6. Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson dirty dog

    Most any trout dry fly works well on pan fish.
    Emergers seem to work real well also.
  7. Clint F

    Clint F Fly Fishing Youth

    I must say in my experience a carey special in the shallows also work well on a floating line just under the surface.
  8. Rory McMahon

    Rory McMahon Active Member

    small woolly buggers always work. The most popular colors seem to be white and chartruse. Carey specials always work, i know a lot of other flies that work really well but i don't think you can buy them. Look for anything with rubber legs, they seem to like those. There wa one odd fly that work last year for me. Heres the description of the fly. It was a size 14, and a TMC 2487 hook, the same hook that quigley's cripples and a lot of chironomids are tied on. It was sort of a brassie. It had a small elk hair tail, which was flared as much as possible. The body was copper wire. The thorax was hares ear dubbing. The wingcase was pheasant tail. And it had a beadhead. I caught 20 fish in half an hour one evenning at lake stickney. Including a huge 13" crappie. Most were small perch, pumpkinseeds, and crappie.
  9. Swandazi

    Swandazi Kevin

    you could just throw out a hook with just some dubbing on it, crappie and bluegill are so dumb.. i caught a few a few years ago on a hook with some grass on it..You'll probably catch more if you use small wooley buggers though.
  10. Jake Bannon

    Jake Bannon nymphs for steelhead....

    iagree Panfish definetly arnt the smartest fish in the world.
  11. Rory McMahon

    Rory McMahon Active Member

    I did that a few years ago when i was at Gissburg ponds. I was there and didn't have any fishing equipment. I went and ask a baitfisherman for a small hook. Found some mono line on the ground. Tied a fly using a few typed of grass around the shore, and ended up catching over 15 bluegill.
  12. trout man

    trout man New Member

    black gnats and mosquitos always work good here in the midwest
  13. Todd Bishop

    Todd Bishop Banned or Parked

    in the past i have used beaded nymphs mostly. the smaller the better on a count of they have small mouths. if you can put a bit of high vis color your fly do it! as you will be sight fishing for the most part.

    i also agree with swandazi about the dubbing. make a few in different colors so when the fish start to spook you can switch it up on them.

    but after a while they'll just start giving you the fin.

    good luck out there!!!!
  14. its been my experience that any fly under size 10 or 12 will catch panfish, but i have to say i prefer dry fly's, its good practice for trout and a lot of fun to boot. another thing to try would be small streamers and wooly buggers, which will add the possibility of catching a bass or two, although i have caught small bass on dry flys.
  15. Stan Wright

    Stan Wright Member

    I like the rubber spider. It's easy and cheep to tye. A few years ago I found a yellow one in my fly box and liked it because it was so easy to see. I went home and tied a dozen. On my next trip to the lake it was covered with little yellow flowers blown from the trees. I couldn't see my little yellow rubber spiders in all those floating blossems. Now I have a selection of colors to choose from.

    For below the surface... the Cap Spider. It catches everything.


    Fishing near my home in NC, I have always known the value of poppers. But honestly, never really found any high quality flies. Recently ran across an article that pointed me to http://www.breambugs.com/ where I saw the Booglebugs line of flies. These are not your ordinary poppers. Ordered a bunch and they are top shelf. Just wanted to pass this on to anyone else that uses poppers for bass and bream. This website sells tons of warmwater flies. Some small stuff just for panfish, some big bass specific flies. Great website and fast shipping. Spoke with the guy that runs the place and he represents his business well. Very approachable and quick to reply to emails.


    The Booglepopper is the actual fly I meant to reference above, Booglebug makes a few different types...

  18. MERDOG95

    MERDOG95 New Member

    Get some copper johns, hares ears, pheasant tails, in sizes 14 to 20 and run them about a foot behind a floating fly and using a 3 wt you will have a great time. It is a blast when they are spawning, they really git pissed off and will attach anything. good luck
  19. Tyler Watters

    Tyler Watters Stickin' pigs.

    I agree. Panfish will eat anything you throw out there. They will come up and eat your spit on the surface of the water. Foam spiders are my choice though. Definately go dry. There's no sense in throwing subsurface stuff. It's just not near as fun.
  20. Dehlan G

    Dehlan G Member

    They also really like any small nymph pattern like pheasant tails. hares ears, etc. I save my used beat up beadhead nymphs for panfishing.