Flies that make PS anglers go hmmmm....

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by d. rose, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. second cut

    I am actually thinking about fishing this thing......
  2. That looks pretty dang good Kelvin.
  3. I'm disappointed that no one ID'd the flounder imitation as a Starry Flounder. However, both eyes need to be on the same side (left or right--not just top side) of the fish. Flat fish are that way. Still, a very convincing imitation.


    --Dave E.
  4. Kelvin,

    The first one looks like a tongue fish. Good job! Those flatfish don't have much in the way of overt fins. It's just body and tail. I believe tongue fish are found in our local waters. I know I've seen them in San Francisco Bay.

    --Dave E.
  5. had 3 of John Morins' Flounder Arounds with me in a south carolina estuary back in when i lived outside of charleston.. eyes were in the center, and the real fish didnt seem to mind at all. they inhaled the little buggers every chance they got.

    kelvin, that's a pretty good first effort [sorry, mean, was i see this is a bit old] you still make them up?
  6. no and i have never fished it
    but there are a couple of beaches I bet it works on
  7. Not bad, Kelvin. Just cut the tail shorter. Also, as flounders can change color and pattern to match their environment, you might work with a more black/gray/speckled pattern to match the colors of our local sediments. What did you used for the body?

  8. I just printed out the directions, Kelvin. That's pretty cool . I wonder if it will work at my place?
  9. Steve I bet it would I have seeen some little founder darting around out there
    and in a couple of places by Lacey there the bottom is thick with them and sculpin

    Steve I used sheet foam for the body
    then coated it with epoxy and laid a duck flank feather on it
    you are suppose to paint the underside white but I did not bother as I dion not believe Searuns burry themselves in the mud waiting to strike bait fish from below
    they will however suck things out of the mud

    this thread is over a year old
    funny it has come back around
    I think I will have to take that thing out and give it a try
  10. That could work!
  11. Critiquing it, but then you ask how he ties it? Funny. I believe bottom fish coloring is often a function of . . . well, the bottom. So, he could tie a ton of different variations.

    kelvin, all of those flies were flat awesome. Nice work.
  12. thanks I left the tail long so it would drag on the bottom and cause a wake the same way scurrying flounder do
    I took it out today and hooked a nice Searun
  13. Yo, Denny. He was asking for feedback. I gave him some; flounders do not have long tails - look at a picture. His pattern had a dominant brown background. I'm a marine biologist and I've spent thousands of hours in the intertidal and subtidal in Washington and collected lots of flounders. Brown is not a common substrate color. Black, gray, and white are.

    In the thread, there were several options suggested for bodies, such as bugskin and foam. I was curious to see what he chose.


  14. Its all good
    I have read your posts and your feed back is appreciated

    I never asked for feed back
    I asked people not to laugh too hard

    if you dont have a sense of humor life isn't funny
  15. Hahaha, niceee.


    Edit: Btw nice fly man, what size are those? a 6 or so?

    Keep up the creativity
  16. very pretty, but reinventing the wheel, and at the stone wheel stage at that. Wheels have evolved. Just tie a spoon fly, get some killer action on the drop while you're at it. http://www.bvipirate.com/spoonfly/index.html

    And yes, they cast like a leaf. But so does a gurgler.
  17. ok lets see you tie one
  18. Very pretty is an insult now? I used to tie them for a shop, I think I can handle it... But I don't tie them for my own use, because as I said. Casts like a leaf. I do the pugliese approach for my sculpin and flat fish. They cast better for me. I just searched up a thread I started called "peta sculpin" because it was tied with sea hair, no animal products. The pic disappeared:hmmm: I'll see if I can find one in my boxes for you.
  19. So did the pics in your budget shock and awe thread!
  20. Must be a time limit for hosting pics?

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